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How to travel with a drone

How to travel with a drone

Aerial photography has changed so much in the past few years with incredible new technologies allowing anyone to buy a drone at an affordable price. Many drone flyer fans and photographers start to travel with…

Finding our Zen at Velassaru in the Maldives

Picture an island full of soft white sand, the clearest blue waters you have ever seen combined with luxury accommodation. Now that is getting close to what you will experience when you book a stay…

Things to do in Havana Cuba

Things to do in Havana, Cuba

After spending 4 amazing days in the capital of Cuba, we could have given you a list of 100 different things that you can try here. However, we have compiled a little list for you…

Where to stay in the Maldives

Run along a sandbank in the Maldives at Kuramathi Island

Looking for a island in the Maldives that offers absolutely everything for the whole family? While still offering the seclusion we come to expect from this part of the world? Well Kuramathi may be the…

Where to stay in Podgorica

Where to stay in Podgorica, Montenegro

You are planning an European trip and Montenegro is one of your stops. If you decide to stop in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, here is our recommendation on where to stay. Podgorica isn’t the…

Learning how to Kite in Dubai w/ Kite Zone

Dubai might be firstly known for its glitz and glamour, but forget about it. You make Dubai the way you want it to be and it can be quite fun if you make it an…

Enjoy the very first resort in the Maldives at Kurumba

Looking for a vacation to disconnect from everything? The Maldives is a place you should always consider! There are so many choices, you can decide to spend your time at one resort or many, but…

How to Book a Safari in Kenya

How to book a good Kenya Safari

Heading away for an African Safari? The AdventureFaktory team has just completed it, so we have the inside knowledge for you on how to pick your tour company! 1) Choose the National Park you want…

Temples to visit in Bangkok

Temples to go see in Bangkok: Wat Pho

There are many temples to visit in Bangkok and you obviously want to see them all. Discover more about Wat Pho and make up your Bangkok temple path for your next visit. Wat Pho, also…


We give you an insider guide of Dubai and the UAE!

The Hide Meatery & Bar

This place is ideal for¬†quick dinner plans and boys meet up on Tuesdays! The service is¬†excellent The food you need to order is¬†the¬†roasted scallops & squid and the tomahawk We loved dimmed ambiance and the…


How to travel with a drone

How to travel with a drone

Aerial photography has changed so much in the past few years with incredible new technologies allowing anyone to buy a drone at an affordable price. Many drone flyer fans and photographers start to travel with…

Travelling with the Apple Watch

Smart watch made for travellers: Apple Watch

We‚Äôre huge Apple users, myself particularly, swearing by their interface and products considering I‚Äôve always have done design since my little age. I‚Äôm currently typing this article on my MacBook Air as my iPhone 8…

Travelling with the Canon 5D Mark IV

Travelling with the Canon Mark IV

After meeting talented photographers from @DiscoveryEarth Instagram account, we asked them what would be their ultimate photography gear. They came back to us with the Canon 5D Mark IV accompanied by these 2 lenses: 24-70mm…

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