100 year old Bank in Vienna transformed into a Luxury Hotel @ Park Hyatt Vienna

In the search of iconic hotels in Vienna, a stop at the Park Hyatt was must. It is just a few steps away from the Golden Quartier, Vienna’s oldest square, convenient for those that really want to be central and don’t feel like walking at all to get to places!

From outside, you can tell that the building used to be a bank with the columns and once you enter the lobby, you can feel it even more with the architecture. It feels like most has been kept the same, just with more marble and fine details, giving a bold welcome to the guests. You can feel the character of the building as soon as you step in the lobby!

Park Hyatt Wien

Lobby of the Park Hyatt Vienna
Lobby of the Park Hyatt Vienna
The Bank at the Park Hyatt Vienna
The incredible breakfast venue, the Bank is also a fabulous restaurant anyone can reserve throughout the day to eat and drink.

Because of the availability, an upgrade was possible and I ended up in a beautiful Studio style room that they call the Park Studio King! It felt like when you are a kid and want to be in the top rooms of the cabin to get the most odd ceiling in the house! Hence why it felt so homey and comfortable, I didn’t really feel like leaving the room for a few hours before hitting up the streets for a stroll.

Park Hyatt Vienna
The beautiful Park Studio King

Where is it Located?

The Park Hyatt is extremely central, with many bars and cafes around, which is great for evening strolls.

Eat and Drink

The Park Hyatt has the incredible “The Bank” that looks absolutely gorgeous. There is also a Rum & Cigar Lounge, called the Living Room, where you can enjoy a good few hours of your day. My personal favourite was the Cafe Am Hof, located in the ground floor area, because of its lavish Viennese coffee house style of the 19th century. The sweets are amazing and it was amazing to set myself there for over 4 hours to sip on coffee and do some work. As I saw the sun go down, I observed many professionals gather up there for a drink and desserts, but also to eat dinner. I thought to myself this place must be a trendy place for locals for people watching, meetings and happy hour!

The Park Hyatt Vienna Hotel Facilities

Park Hyatt Vienna Hotel Rooms & Rates

The Park Hyatt has 143 rooms, including 35 suites. The TV screens are discreetly hidden behind mirrors and make the decor of the room simply marvellous! Bathrooms are huge and so beautiful with the white marble. When booking the basic room at the Park Hyatt at the standard rates, you can chose wither the Park King or Twin, which are rated at €500 (~US$570) per night, including taxes and surcharges. If you book early a bigger room, which is their Park Deluxe King, you can get it at €545 (~US$625) instead of the standard price at €620 (~US$710). We stayed in a Park Studio King, at the price of €560 (~US$640) per night. These rates do not include breakfast, simply add 30 to the bill per guest and night. Check out the prices and rooms available now!

How was the stay?

The incredible central location of the Park Hyatt Vienna made us love the city even more than before. The fact that we would step out and be in the middle of all the stores, main shopping streets, cafes and restaurants made the experience even more enjoyable. Check-in was very swift and the reception was very kind to give a little tour and personal walk to the room to show the amenities that were included with the stay. What made the stay incredible was its breakfast location. The Bank makes you feel like you are in a James Bond movie with the glamorous feel of Gatsby, sipping on your delicious mimosa and coffee like you are worth billions!

Couldn’t stop take photos of this bar!

Another great moment while staying at the Park Hyatt was the Café Am Hof , a great spot to chill for a few hours and get some work done while people watching when my eyes needed some rest.

Another highlight was the pool and gym. Gym had a feel of an old library. As for the pool, even though it was an indoor pool, the set up made it very special and cozy, although can’t imagine an intimate experience if there was few more guests around, luckily I had it all for myself!

The Park Hyatt Vienna GymThe Park Hyatt Vienna Gym

If you are not a fan of discovering a lot and walking, the Park Hyatt sure will be a premium location for you to be at. Of course, if you do love your luxury hit, this place won’t miss anything in that regard.

Make sure to check it out and tell us what you think of it!

Auf Wiedersehen!
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  • Parnashree Devi

    I haven’t hear it ever that a bank was converted into a Hotel. The Park Hyatt Vienna looks absolutely stunning. I loved the decor. I would love to experience my stay here someday. I loved the fact that the TV screens are discreetly hidden behind mirrors. Thanks for sharing. I loved the photographs.

    • Right? Not many banks are that good looking to be transformed into a hotel of this caliber! Hope you find you way there soon!

  • How could you not love this hotel? I always love to stay in places with an interesting background. The pool looks insane and I don’t blame you for wanting to stay back and just enjoy your room. Sometimes you just need to relax.

    • Could literally live in the Wellness area with the pool and gym only haha!

  • Fillia Barden (www.WomanOfCour

    Wow, this is lux. I am jealous with your james bond breakfast experience. It is really a heaven for city traveler person. The hotel offers lux stay and surrounded by shops.

  • What a beautiful property. Park Hyatt always offers top-notch accommodations to their guests. I love that they converted an old bank into such a terrific hotel.

    • You are so right. We absolutely love the Park Hyatt in Saigon, Viet Nam as well, situated literally beside the famous opera house! Note it down if you go visit Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Arv Jpr

    I have stayed in many Park Hyatt properties but this one sounds like a great idea! A bank turned into hotel? that’s cool. Also its heritage is something that makes it different. The rooms are pricey but looks like they are worth every penny!

  • Joella

    I love the Hyatt brand and this park Hyatt is beyond luxurious. What impeccably designed spaces. I would love to stay here

    • Sure is a brand you cannot complain too much about!

  • Rachelle Gordon

    Love this! The entrance to the hotel reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie where they have to go into the library in Venice, only it used to be a church. What a stunning location! Those rooms and fitness center are no joke!

    • WE need to get our fitness in everywhere we go! We eat too much haha

  • Stacey Billingsley

    What a stunning hotel! The architecture is gorgeous, and it looks like there is beauty wherever you look! The pool area looks inviting. I would love to stay here!

  • Chantell Collins

    Wow looking at the front of the building you wouldn’t realize that it was a hotel at first. The design is incredible and my mouth literally dropped when I saw the pool!!! Lucky you – I really want to visit now! Guess I need to head back to Vienna soon 🙂

  • Paige Brown

    Oh my gosh, this looks absolutely stunning! I could totally see myself relaxing in that spa! It’s amazing to see what people can do with a prexisting space. I’m glad they embraced it!

  • Oh gosh. This place looks stunning. Loving the spa area too. Shame I’ve just blown my bonus on a South Africa trip

    • Let us know how your trip goes as we have not been to South Africa yet! Good luck!

  • Sandy & Vyjay

    It would be intriguing to stay in a place which once was a bank. I find the Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna to be grand and magnificent. A great fusion of rich heritage and modern convenience. The pool looks gorgeous. Definitely a hotel the lives up to the Hyatt Brand promise.

  • Jennifer Morrow

    I LOVE Park Hyatt properties! The spa facilities are amazing. The bank building remodel is such a unique twist.

    • Cannot go wrong with Park Hyatt, they always deliver the goods in our experience!