2016 Year in Review: 18 countries visited

Who said you HAVE to quit your job to travel the world? We will do it one day, but for now, we are still saving big bucks and travelling the most we can during a year. Check out our video recap of the epic year of 2016! More details to come later 🙂

Qui a dit que vous DEVEZ quitter votre emploi pour voyager autour du monde? Nous le ferons un jour, mais pour l’instant, nous économisons encore beaucoup d’argent et voyagons le plus que nous pouvons pendant l’année. Découvrez notre aventure avec notre vidéo de l’année épique de 2016! Plus de détails à venir plus tard 🙂

1 – United Arab Emirates

So many things have happened in our first full completed year in this new country that we now call home. Check out our UAE section for all the content!
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2 – Sri Lanka

One of the few Asian countries we haven’t step foot yet and we are glad we did it in 2016, visiting Kandy, Ella, etc! We still haven’t got the chance to work on a video yet, but my god good times we had!

Things To Do In Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Kandy Luxury @ Theva Residency

3- Turkey 

We always wanted to visit Turkey. Even with all the stress around there, we felt we had to escape to Istanbul. We can’t back to go there as we loved the people we met and there are so many other nice places outside Istanbul to visit like Cappadocia.

Luxury Hotel In Istanbul, W Istanbul
Istanbul Travel Tips

4 – Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful gem in Africa. Our first African country and we sure did chose a good one. We checked out Nairobi and visited the Maasai Mara.

Travel Advice In Kenya
4 Things To Consider Before Going To Kenya
How To Book A Good Kenya Safari
What To Pack For Your Safari

5 – Australia 

A quick stop before our big journey in South America, because we can, so why not?! We wanted to stop in Vanuatu, but tickets were sky rocking high!

Read more about Australia

6 – Peru 

It was a great opportunity to visit our friends in Lima and see the majestic Machu Picchu. Peru is a must visit destination if you ever decide to do a journey in South America.

7 – Bolivia 

Bolivia was an amazing country with so many activities and things to do. Culturally, this country will surprise you in many ways! We have seen half of it and can’t wait to eventually come back to discover different angles of this beautiful country.

Riding The Death Road In Bolivia
Bolivia: A Day At The Uyuni Salt Flats
How To Prevent Altitude Sickness

8 – Brazil 

2016, the year of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro! As major sports addicts, we had to travel the opposite side of the world to participate to this major event. We had a blast and it was also great to discover Sao Paulo & Rio. Rio, without the festivities of the Olympics itself was simply amazing, we can’t wait to go.

9 – Tanzania 

We went to relax and work in the beautiful island of Zanzibar. We can’t wait to go back to discover the beautiful nature and climb the Mount Kilimanjaro, high up on our bucket list!

Peaceful Retreat At Upendo Zanzibar, Tazania
Private Paradise In Zanzibar @ Kilindi By Elewana Collection

10 – Viet Nam 

Our past home Viet Nam is a gem. We had to go back where we spent a week to work, study, eat and have some good time with our friends. The food was simply amazing, as usual, we encourage you to visit this beautiful country as soon as possible and to be open for delicious meals!

Street Food Tour In Saigon

11 – Singapore 

Our favorite spot to stop for a little bit to hit up some fun friends to catch up with in between Asia and the Middle East. We always love to come back and see something new every time!

12 – Oman 

We are blessed to live just beside this beautiful country. Just a few hours drive away and 45 minutes flight from the capital Muscat, Oman is filled of beautiful mountains and wadis. We have been over 3 times there back and fourth for beautiful 1000 start hotels, camping, and 5 star hotels as well. 2017 will be another year filled with new discoveries of the Sultanate of Oman.

13 – Finland 

14 – Estonia  

15 – Latvia 

16 – Lithuania 

We spent New Years Eve in Vilnius. It was cold, but totally worth it to spend another NYE in a foreign country! We can’t wait to share you more about this Baltic Trip.

17 – Qatar

We have seen Qatar quite fast in 2015. This seems to be a regular destination for us for business and the AFL in Middle East! We definitely have to go back to discover some nice luxury hotels!

18 – Thailand

We always love a stop in Thailand, it’s a normal spot to stop by for us. This year it was short visits and a Muay Thai camp in Phuket!

Fitness Training In Thailand @ Tiger Muay Thai

What countries have you been to in 2016? Share with us your amazing list, we want to know!
Dans quels pays avez-vous voyagé en 2016? Partagez avec nous votre liste, nous voulons savoir!

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