The Founders of AdventureFaktory

The beginning

Blogging since 2005, Thuymi always had a dream to relaunch a new website. One in which she can showcase her photography and turn her passion for scrapbooking about travel from offline to online.

After meeting Mitch, who is as obsessed about sports than her and with a common passion for travel, they decided to launch AdventureFaktory in 2015. Like the name states, this online platform is meant to be a “Faktory” of content related to “Adventures” linked to their passions: Travel, Sport and Adrenaline & Outdoors activities.

Together they have travelled to over 75 countries, but AdventureFaktory’s goal is to feature more. With the extended AdventureFaktory team, our goal is to inform the world on trends in Adventure, Sport, Fitness, Health, Wellness, all that in the realm of Travel & Hospitality.



Hailing from a mining town in the remote Western Australian desert, Mitch grew up as a nomad and finally settled down on the other side of the Land Down Under, in Brisbane, Queensland. After playing semi professional Australian Football for most of his early 20’s, he has also obtained his degree in Secondary Education, graduating with Honours. He gave up playing and decided to expand his horizons by joining the international teaching circuit in 2011, with a move to Suzhou, a sleepy Chinese town of 9 million.

Mitch is a big fan of all sports, including American sports like NBA, NFL, MLB. He also plays Rugby, Golf, Touch Football, Cricket and much more. Mitch also lived in Shanghai, Saigon (HCM), now based in Dubai, UAE and spends all of his time planning trips and writing about them.

His favourite adventures to date have been to attend the NFL Superbowl and running the Great Wall of China Marathon.

Twitter: @AFtravels | Instagram: adventurefaktory

Thuymi from AdventureFaktory


Montrealer, proud Quebecquer from Canada. Loves playing sports when she’s not injured (which happens too much considering how she doesn’t care to jump in front of the puck or anything). A puck? Yep, she plays hockey and loves it a lot; big Montreal Canadiens fan. She loves to play Volleyball, Ball hockey, Football, Touch Rugby, Tennis and much more!

Besides sports, she is addicted to traveling & photography. She’s also a big fan of her Apple products, Technology, Fashion, Architecture, Advertising and so much more. She is a nomad, with 12 years+ experience in marketing & strategy for brands such as Microsoft, Heineken, Volkswagen, etc. Currently based in Dubai as the perfect travel hub, she will be anywhere in between Montreal, New York, Vietnam and all that!

Her favourite adventures to date have been to attend the Rio Olympic Games and Biking the Death Road of Bolivia.

Twitter: @AFtravels | Instagram: thuymi

AdventureFaktory Team

Meet these amazing globetrotters all the way from the Americas to Asia. Get to know more about the team and how to join!

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