AdventureFaktory’s Top 5 Sport BucketList

AdventureFaktory's Top 5 Sport BucketList

For many people, Sport is Life. They live it and breathe it. You can find these people glued to their phone on weekends checking sports scores and staying up to unknown hours watching live streaming sport events around the world. You probably know someone like this.

As for us, we combine it with our passion of Travel. We travel and chase sports events around the world. We have created a list of sport events we think everyone should try and see in their lifetime and not just the sport nuts!

Champions League Final

Watching the best teams on the planet playing the world game in front of 100 000 people? Oh yeah, this one is hard to get tickets for but if my team Manchester United get another shot at it, we will be trying to get there.

Champions League Final - Opening Ceremony

Wimbledon Final

What would be better than watching 2 warriors play out the Final in the All England club while eating strawberries and cream? Hopefully we can get this chance while our favorite player, Roger Federer is still running around.

Roger Federer - Wimbledon

Monaco Grand Prix

One of the world’s most prestigious events set in Monaco, the home of glitz and glam. Who cares about the cars, just people watch for a few days on the super yachts that come in and out of the docks.

Monaco Grand Prix 2016

Watch the British Open Golf

One of the most traditional sports but with a huge following, it would be great to visit to origins of Golf to watch a British Open. It moves around the U.K every year so different courses can hold the event. The British Open goes for 4 days so it might not be everyone’s taste, but certainly worth your while to follow the worlds best players around the course for a few hours.


NBA Playoff Game

The best players in the world duelling it out under immense pressure for 48 minutes is the stuff legends are made of. The playoff games are so loud, players can hardly communicate and when the game is on the line, thats when the best stand up.

20140610 NBA - The Finals 2014 - Game 3 (SAS 111 - MIA 92) - 3150

Get your tickets!
  • Have you been to any of these events?
  • What would be your dream sports events? We would love to hear about it!

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AdventureFaktory's Top 5 Sport BucketList
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  • Marissa Abao

    These are really cool and prestigious sports. I want to watch the Wimbledon Final. I am a fan of Serena Williams. She’s just amazing.

  • Jean Bean

    For my 30th we went to Mongolia to watch the Nadaam games. In the Altai Mountains I got to try my hand at a few of the horse back games. Was a whole lot of fun. I couldn’t think of anything worse then following around mainstream sports. But that’s just me personalyl!

  • Abhinav Singh

    Ask me. Every one in my family is a sports fan. I am into
    adventure sports. I love going to a place to catch a sports events. I made it
    to Kila Raipur in Punjab, India to catch rural Olympics. I hope I make it to
    Tokyo during Olympics 2020.

  • Clare

    I would love to go see Wimbledon and living in England there is no reason why I couldn’t, except I have never been organised enough. I would also love to see a F1 race, I have seen F4 which is very similar but does not have anywhere near the same atmosphere. Not sure I would want to watch the golf, though I do sometimes see it on tv. I have been to a Rugby final and seen the snooker but not sure I would go out of my way to watch sport live.

    • Live sports is certainly an acquired taste! It is so good you have seen some motor racing, F4 is still crazy fast!

  • I’m not so big on sports so haven’t been to any of these, and doubt I ever will, but with that being said the Champions League final this year is being held in my home city, Cardiff. It’s literally taking over the whole city! They’re closing all the roads, checking all the sewers for explosives, and turning all of our parks into campsites for the occasion. It’s madness! But so exciting to be part of something so big!

  • I love sports, I have been to the British Open golf a few times which was well worth the effort! I’ve seen a few premier league games with most teams, but never a Champions League game, or better yet the final! Let’s hope Man Utd qualify for the Champions League next season by winning the Europa League this!

    • Which British Open did you go and see? What a cool journey! I am also hoping ManU qualify so I can watch them as well!!

  • Hendrik Hünecke

    This is really a cool and inspiring list! I love the idea to combine travelling and visiting great sport events. I really like the diversity here in your list. Usually people are in one kind of sport and that’s it. But you would like to see all of these, which is great! My personal favs would be the Champions league Match and Monaco Grand Prix, since Monaco is also truly beautiful!

  • What a complete list. I’ve never been on a Champion’s league final, but went to a game in Bernabeu, Madrid and can only confirm it’s a unique experience. Would love to see the rest as well 🙂

  • Tasha Haley

    Looks like a great bucketlist which will offer some cool locations when you tick them off! Goodluck