Antarctica Travel Plan: 13 Days in the coldest place in Earth

In just a weeks time, AdventureFaktory will be heading to the final continent we are yet to visit, the unknowns of Antarctica. With our friends EduOutings, we will be on a 13 day expedition departing from Argentina and making our way southbound. The weather in November is expected to be close to -20 degrees Celsius, so we will be packing warm, so we can go and find some penguins and seals to play with. Below we are showing you our travel itinerary we have planned for our trip. There are many companies that have 10-21 days plans out there, all with different prices and destinations. This will all be decided by how much time you have to travel, your budget and how adept you are at handling boat life.

DAY 1:

Location: Buenos Aires
This adventure starts with an overnight stay in Buenos Aires, the bustling capital of Argentina. EduOutings offer an optional city tour in the afternoon. We will then spend the evening at your leisure and discover ”Paris of South America” for ourselves. We will be heading out for some world famous steak.

DAY 2:

Location: Buenos Aires/Ushuaia
Fly to Ushuaia, where MS Midnatsol awaits. Once on board, we kick off our journey with a welcome-on-board dinner. This is one of the most southern points in South America and where most of the cruises to the Antarctic sail away from. We will not be here for long as the boat is ready to go and so are we!


DAY 3-4:

Location: Drake Passage
We are preparing ourselves for Antarctica as we cross the infamous Drake Passage, and trust us – it will be overwhelming. There will be several lectures on the environment around us; films about Antarctica and the Explorer room will be buzzing with activity especially for young explorers.


DAY 5-10:

Location: Antarctica
You are now in one of the most remote areas on earth! Come ashore to explore the breath taking Antarctic scenery and to come close to penguins and seals. Possible highlights – Volcanic Deception Island of South Shetlands; staggeringly photogenic Half Moon Island, or Yankee Harbour and Cuverville Islands, with its large colony of Gentoo penguins; the Neko Harbour; Paradise Harbour; Wilhelmina Bay, all while cruising between the sea ice, looking for leopard seals and other wildlife. Another day, go kayaking or a longer hike or walk. Back on board we will also have activities in the explorer room. The on board photographer will show you the basics of expedition photography.


Glacier movement at Half Moon Island

DAY 11-12

Location: Drake Passage
After exploring this exhilarating continent, we set course back to civilisation. Spend the day at sea recapping your experiences, having fun in the Explorer room or just relaxing on deck.

DAY 13

Location: Ushuaia/Buenos Aires
Sadly, every adventure must come to an end. It is time to say goodbye to the crew and all your new friends when we reach Ushuaia. We transfer you to the airport for your flight back to Buenos Aires. If you haven’t had enough adventures, you have the possibility to extend your stay and enjoy our optional post expedition programmes.


And then boom, like that, we are back to reality. I am not sure how we will ever top this experience. Make sure you follow our journey online on Instagram and Twitter



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