Best Places to Run in Dubai

Best Places to Run in Dubai

We know that summer is coming around again soon and there seems to be that mad scramble with everyone trying to get back into their “Summer Body.” We also have this exact same problem so we have compiled some of the best running paths and jogging tracks in Dubai that will help you stay motivated to keep doing it! Why use the treadmill if you can just get out there and enjoy the beautiful views that Dubai can offer! Unless you are a bit of a crazy make sure you run when it is a bit cooler and stay hydrated.

Jumeirah Beach

The iconic run! As a visitor or resident, this is a must running track to start with when you are in Dubai! Along the beautiful coast line with the Burj Al Arab as a backdrop. It starts from the Dubai Marine Resort in Jumeirah 1, going all the way through Kite Beach to ends near the Burj Al Arab.
Running Surface: Tartan Soft Floor
Distance: ~14km
Parking Spot: Free parkings on Friday along anywhere by the beach or bring your coins!

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The Beach on JBR

Great run along the seaside, with the The Beach Walk & Dubai Eye construction site as a backdrop, beware of baby carriages and large crowds. Perfect place for early runs when there is nobody around!
Running Surface: Tartan Soft Floor
Distance: ~2km
Parking Spot: Very rare free parking spots, unless you arrive very early. Paid parking along the residences around 10AED/hour (3 ish $US)

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Al Ittihad Park on The Palm

Track is between the Golden Mile and the Shoreline with trees, flowers and residences as your backdrop. The track loops around the park, so you’ll finish back where you started. Not very crowded with stationary work-out stations. If you have kids, there is a playing ground along the track. Just don’t leave them unattended 😉
Running Surface: Tartan Soft Floor
Distance: ~3km
Parking Spot: Take first right when you come onto The Palm’s trunk, you’ll find parking there.

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Dubai Marina

Clearer in the mornings, run along the Marina water passing by restaurants and wanderers. Running in the Marina, sky is the limit in distance, take paths you want to do depending on distance. You could park at the SkyDive Dubai airstrip and run from there to mix it up with a workout at the outdoor free gym.
Running Surface: Concrete
Distance:  Unlimited if you want to cross bridges and all. ~10km for the Dubai Marina promenade
Parking Spot: Park for free in the Dubai Marina Mall or SkyDive Dubai Training area

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Clusters O, P and Q close to the park are free open gym equipments in addition to a kids park & basketball court, AED 100(~30$US)/hour. There are three separate lakes, and all of them are shorter than the Dubai Marina 10km promenade. You can either lap around all the lakes or go freestyle.
Running Surface: Concrete
Distance: Unlimited depending how far you want to run and loop from
Parking Spot: Free 3 hour limit parking at many clusters – Free along few JLT spots close to the park.

The Greens

Unless you are living or staying around, The Greens has a short running track for a good run around the lakes. Not the sexiest running place among our other suggestions!

Running Surface: Concrete
Distance: ~4km
Parking Spot: Available along the streets, free on Fridays, bring coins!

The Crescent of the Palm

With many food trucks along the new Palm Promenade, you will be pushing yourself for a good run to then get rewarded with some good food or juices!

Running Surface: Boardwalk
Distance:  ~11km route around the Crescent
Parking Spot: Tricky, you will have to park at one of the hotels along the crescent or take a cab. There are limited free spots out on the crescent.

Dubai Autodrome, Motor City

The Dubai Autodrome is open for free for runners & cyclist every Wednesday nights from 6-9pm. There are more cyclist than runners, but why not if you fancy something different for a run?! Not flat either so get ready to shred some calories.

Running Surface: Concrete
Distance: ~2.46km on the floodlit Club Circuit
Parking Spot: Plenty of parking, it’s the Autodrome’s parking.

Dubai Canal

The views of the Canal are beautiful for a run and will only be getting better with the developments underway!

Running Surface: Concrete
Distance: ~6.5km of waterfront
Parking Spot: There is paid parking close to the W Hotel, but if you plan to go eat at any of the hotels after it will be worth your while to valet park!

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Safa Park

Run around the park, small track but not bad if you feel like a short one! Get a nice view of the Burj Khalifa from the park as well. So many other active things to do in Safa Park such as ball sports and cycling.

Running Surface: Tartan Soft Floor
Distance: ~3.5km
Parking Spot: Free parking all around the park


The AED 81 million, 8.4 km cycle track near Meydan, free to use and open to the public! Just beside is a path for runners. If you feel like running at night, it is lit by solar powered lights.

Running Surface: Tartan Soft Floor
Distance:  ~8.5km
Parking Spot: Plenty of parking on the side of the road, or you can park at racecourse.

Zabeel Park

This track of Zabeel Park is available 24/7 at no charge, with also outdoor gym equipment around. Zabeel Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in the city as well if you plan for a picnic!

Running Surface: Tartan Soft Floor
Distance: ~2km
Parking Spot: Parking after the Trade Center roundabout

Burj Park

Run with the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountains as a view! Burj Park has the nicest backdrop track on this list. There are plenty of people around, but lots of space so it is rarely an issue

Running Surface: Concrete
Distance:  ~5km loop around Downtown Dubai
Parking Spot: Mall Parking and surrounding underground spots.

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Al Qudra Road

If you are feeling adventurous and/or need a real challenge, the Al Qudra road is a 85km path outside of Dubai. Relaxing views of the desert guaranteed! Once you leave this spot, no water spots or toilets. You are in the desert, so take enough water.

Running Surface: Concrete
Distance:  ~ however far you want to run before you turn around!
Parking Spot: Park close to the toilet facilities at the beginning of the Dubai Cycle Path that leads down to Al Qudra road

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  • Where do you go run usually around Dubai?
  • Did we miss any other spots?

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  • Kristina @ The Nerdventurists

    I am not a runner at all, but I will take this guide as great places to walk! it’s good to know there’s so many accessible places though, for those who want to get their jog on!

  • What a great recommendation! I love how you put fitness and traveling together 🙂 I haven’t visited Dubai but will transit there before going back Vietnam for vacation

  • Judy Cheong

    How interesting! I used to think about running out in the city to see the sites and get a bit of a workout in at the same time but I guess my stamina never got the memo. But wow, I’d cycle these stretches anytime they’re absolutely lovely. That Al Qudra Road looks daunting but it’d be great to relax and clear your mind!

  • Outside The BubbleUK

    Wow such a comprehensive list I love it! I didn’t realise Dubai was so cycle friendly, I tend to bring my bike when I go travelling as it’s easier to get around. Great Tips

  • Tasha Haley

    All of the runs look like so much fun. I think keeping fit while you travel is a big deal with all the great food that comes with travel. Awesome tips


    I really loved the fitness part you have shown while travelling. Running on Jumeirah Beach, The Walk and Al Quadra is my favourite too. Great recommendations and stunning photos of Dubai.

  • What a cool post! I absolutely love it. I am all about staying fit and healthy, even when you travel so this is just perfect. I think running / speed walking in Dubai would be a great way to explore the place. Plus it’ll be a great way to exercise. Even though I am not a bit distance runner, this is awesome because you’ve shared long and short distances for every levels.

  • Genie Patra

    great recommendations! I would never think that such a metropolitan city like Dubai had so many good spots for you to run in. Being from LA it’s kind of hard to find a good spot to run at because there are so many cars everywhere, all the time. so either parking is an issue or your personal safety is

  • I couldn’t agree more! If I were a runner for exercise and lived in a place as beautiful and interesting as Dubai, there’s no way you would find me exercising in a gym! My exercise would be running out and about using this fabulous list of lovely backdrops. I’m sure you are the envy of a lot of people! Lovely photos.