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Instagram places in Hong Kong

Ultimate guide of photography in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a photographers paradise. Colourful buildings, tons of coffee shops, a lot of new/olds contrasts, plenty of local moments to capture, food culture, graffitis and high rises for roof-topping. You will probably want…

Street Food Tour in Saigon


Discovering street food on your own without guidance can be a challenge. You don’t know which are the good ones that won’t make you sick. One thing that everyone who visits Vietnam mentions how good…

Sim Cards in Vietnam

How to get a SIM card in Vietnam


Here are clear instructions for getting a SIM card in Vietnam and how to do it properly and set it up properly. Good for expats & travellers! So many blogs, so many random articles, questions in…

Angkor Wat Marathon Cambodia

Running the Angkor Wat Marathon


Combining our passion for travel and sports is always our goal. So when an invite was available for the Angkor Wat Half Marathon in Cambodia, we booked our tickets and headed there for a cool weekend…

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in Kathmandu Valley


Are you visiting Nepal and only spending your time in Kathmandu? Everyone must think you came to only trek mountains but that’s not the reality. Don’t worry, you can still go through an adventurous journey…


Myanmar: Bagan in 2 days


Bagan has to be one of the most scenic and sight pleasing destinations in Asia. We budgeted two days here and we thought was just enough. Some travellers recommend 3, but 2 was enough to…

India: The first impressions


India is such a country of beautiful contrasts. From hectic cosmopolitan cities with millions to rural outskirts with nothing more than your thoughts. Here are our first impressions of this amazing and unique country.  …

What to do in Yangon for one day

How to spend a day in Yangon


Planning a trip to Myanmar? You must be wondering how many days you should spend in the capital Yangon? One day should be enough, but if you want to take your time and also have…

Agra guide

How to maximize your day trip to Agra


Are you planning to visit India? Agra seems like a must destination to visit the famous Taj Mahal, but then are you torn between other incredible cities and don’t have enough time? Look no longer,…

Jet-packing in Singapore

Jet-packing in Singapore


Want to feel like Superman? Who said that man wasn’t able to fly? If you are someone who seeks out new challenges, loves water and not afraid to try new experiences, then the Jetlev Water…

Laos Visa on Arrival Information

Guide to Visa on Arrival for Laos


You are planning to go to Laos and still have no clarification on what you need for your visa? Here is all the information you need regarding visa on arrival for Laos. Good news, as…

Dubai-Maldives Flights

FlyDubai to the Maldives


Dubai is a marvellous place to be based to travel. The best airlines are based in the region and they go absolutely everywhere around the planet. It is truly a central travel base. With FlyDubai,…

Le Meridien Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam is quickly picking up speed as a place not only for tourists, but also as an economic hub. We have found a place that caters for both tourists and business people alike at the…