India: The first impressions


India is such a country of beautiful contrasts. From hectic cosmopolitan cities with millions to rural outskirts with nothing more than your thoughts. Here are our first impressions of this amazing and unique country.  …

Agra guide

How to maximize your day trip to Agra


Are you planning to visit India? Agra seems like a must destination to visit the famous Taj Mahal, but then are you torn between other incredible cities and don’t have enough time? Look no longer,…

Fashion & Shops from India


Bombay Electric Found this place named Bombay Electric. It’s a gem. It has literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I love. A big ton of colours, new modern and artsy pieces, just perfection. Somebody has a 1000$ donation for…

India: Bombay Sunday


I finally had a good sleep since Thursday night. Waking up with Gnocchi beside me, Neeti’s dog, and with a clear fresh mind! For breakfast Neeti ordered us some South Indian typical brekkie: Sambhar with…