India | 12 hours in Agra


Land of the famous Taj Mahal. It was a place we had to pass by even though our schedule was very tight. We basically went to bed in Varanasi, Woke up in Agra and went…

Fashion & Shops from India


Bombay Electric Found this place named Bombay Electric. It’s a gem. It has literally E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I love. A big ton of colours, new modern and artsy pieces, just perfection. Somebody has a 1000$ donation for…

India: Bombay Sunday


I finally had a good sleep since Thursday night. Waking up with Gnocchi beside me, Neeti’s dog, and with a clear fresh mind! For breakfast Neeti ordered us some South Indian typical brekkie: Sambhar with…

India: The first impressions


Arrived in Mumbai 30 later since we waited for a while before departing in BKK (Bangkok). It didn’t take so long to go through the customs and out there it also didn’t take so long…

Morning at the loop with Mitch & Nick planning the 10 day trip in India

India: Planning a 10 day trip


In three weeks weโ€™re going to be in Mumbai. Time does run fast;ย I will be there February 6h and the boys are coming the 13th.ย Planning for India is crucial, last minute travels aren’t the most…