Discover the best of Vietnam with the AdventureFaktory Team! After living in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for 2 years, let us show you the best the country has to offer! For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Color Me Run Ho Chi Minh City


The Color Me Run is an independent version of Color Me Rad & The Color Run all around the world. The Color Me Run in Ho Chi Minh City is held every spring and in…

Street Food Tour in Saigon


Discovering street food on your own without guidance can be a challenge. You don’t know which are the good ones that won’t make you sick. One thing that everyone who visits Vietnam mentions how good…

AdventureFaktory x District 2

Saigon: Places you must go in District 2


Check out the beautiful places, nice architecture, cute designs, hipster or aka Instagram photo-op places in District 2. Living in the area for a year made us discover every little eatery and coffee shops. Here…

Saigon Cafes: The Loop


Once in a while we go to The Loop to do some work. It’s never crowded when we go so it’s perfect to do some work done! The Loop Address: 49 Thao Dien, District 2, Ho…

Transportation in Vietnam - Xit Lo

Transportation in Vietnam


We hate scammers. Nothing makes us more angry when a friend or family member gets scammed. When we catch someone out on a scam, we are very quick to remind them about the negative impact…

ANZAC Day footy in Vietnam


I wont write too much regarding the day, I will let the photos do the talking. A big thanks to Thuymi Do  @thuymi27 for taking the majority of quality pictures. April 25 is a very…

Vietnam: Fashion Boutiques in Saigon


In Saigon, or let’s say Vietnam, there’s no Zara, no Forever 21, no “not bad” shops following the trends at a cheap price. Other than Mango or Top Shop, alternatives are the little shops by…

Saigon Cafes: Loft Cafe


That big clock you see in Instagram pictures in #somewhereinsaigon… well it’s at Loft Cafe. Tucked in this block on Ly Tu Trong greeted by an Art gallery, once you get in, go to up…

Vietnam: Running The Dragon Dash Race


After a month or so of getting up early for interval running workouts and grueling high intensity weight and circuit sessions, the day was finally upon us to attack the Dragon Dash – Vietnam’s first…

Dragon Dash training Part Two


We have been training for the Dragon Dash for several weeks now and as the race approaches, the intensity within the group has been lifting. We are now at a stage where we are training…


Vietnam: Kokoïs in District 2


Mitch has decided to surprise me by taking me to new locations that I haven’t yet discovered in HCM. He brought me to Kokoïs on a Monday. Despite the good nature of his gesture, I…

Saigon Street Food: Bo Kho


Bò Kho isn’t the most well-known soup for visitors of Vietnam. Same broth color as the Bun Bo Hue, Bo Kho is beef stewed with tomato, star anise and lemongrass, served in 3 different ways. The origin of the…

Saigon Street Food: Bun Bo Hue


I miss my mom’s Bun Bo Hue, but while visiting Vietnam, it is definitely the spot to try all kinds of variation of it! This soup is from my hometown Hue, in Central Vietnam. It…

Vietnam: Australia Day in Saigon


There are few guarantees in life. Death, Taxes and Aussies all over the globe celebrating our favourite day of the year, January 26 – our Australia Day. When I think of Australia Day, it reminds…

Vietnam: Play Cricket in Saigon


Living away from home is difficult for someone who loves and plays sport as much as me. Especially in a place where English is not the first spoken language. But when I first arrived here…