Street Food Tour in Saigon


Discovering street food on your own without guidance can be a challenge. You don’t know which are the good ones that won’t make you sick. One thing that everyone who visits Vietnam mentions how good…

The Hide Meatery & Bar


This place is ideal for quick dinner plans and boys meet up on Tuesdays! The service is excellent The food you need to order is the roasted scallops & squid and the tomahawk We loved dimmed ambiance and the…

Eat in Dubai: Tub of Butter


This place is ideal for breakfast and lunch. If you are alone, there are tons of books and magazines to check out! Evenings are quite quiet. The service is how it should be, no complaints. The food…

AdventureFaktory - EatCleanME

Event: launch @ Nadi Al Quoz

by is a bespoke healthy food ordering and wellness platform that simplifies healthy living like never before, concentrating Dubai’s healthy food outlets under one channel. We have been waiting for this for a while now…exactly…

Best Indian Restaurants In Dubai

Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai


After eating the real deal in India, we are quite picky with our Indian Food. Here is the list of our top addresses when we feel for Indian for different type of locations and occasions….

Eat in Dubai: Cafe Des Artistes


This place is ideal for special occasions with your beau, looks so beautiful during daylight The service is slow, they just opened so not much staff yet. The food you need to order: The risotto, don’t miss that…

Eat in Dubai: Festive menu @ Fume


Before heading out to the Nordic countries for Christmas, we had to have our Dubai style Christmas Feast. Fume invited us to the 2016 Christmas Menu and this is what it looked like! Note that it will…

Eat in Dubai: The Hamptons Cafe


I hope you charged up your camera battery if you love taking pictures, as The Hamptons Dubai will fill your memory card quicker than it takes to eat a delicious meal there! The places reminds us…

AdventureFaktory x AsiaAsia

Eat in Dubai: Asia Asia @ Pier 7


Pier 7 is one of the premiere going out places in Dubai, but they also have top class restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food with an amazing view overlooking the Marina. Located at the 6th…

AdventureFaktory x Intersect By Lexus

Eat in Dubai: INTERSECT By Lexus


We are always on the lookout for awesome places to eat and chill in Dubai. We had heard some good reports, particularly about the coffee from a new place called INTERSECT By Lexus and we thought…

AdventureFaktory x Culinary Boutique x Chef B

Culinary Boutique x Chef B Iftar


As you know, we love eating out. Its our reward for working hard at the gym. So when we were invite to Culinary Boutique‘s exclusive Iftar dinner with @chef.b, we knew we were in for a…

AdventureFaktory x QD's Iftar

QD’s Iftar Bash


I will have to admit, the idea of Iftars sound great. Huge buffets every night with endless food may sound appealing, but once you get to do one a night for a whole week, it becomes…

Eat in Dubai: Ting Irie DXB

Eat in Dubai: Ting Irie


We received last week this awesome coco in the mail… So looks like there is a new Jamaican restaurant in town! The AdventureFaktory Team literally jumped in the car to get there! A photo posted…

Eat in Dubai: Fortnum & Mason


ortnum and Mason was established by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason in Piccadilly in 1707 as a luxurious shopping destination for the rich and royals in the UK. It! Today, it is a British Icon with branches…

Eat in Dubai: Andalusia


Are you like me and LOVE trying everything on a menu? Buffets and tapas places are totally my kind of places! At Andalusia, they serve a mix of flavours, which was perfect for us as…

Eat in Dubai: 800 Degrees Pizza


Eating out is a way of life in Dubai, and we have been trying all sorts of yummy food. The AdventureFaktory Team were recommended to go and try out 800 Degrees Pizza – so we did!…

Emirati Cooking Class @ Culinary Boutique


Emirati Cuisine? What? Yes please! We never had the occasion to find a local restaurant serving genuine Emirati cuisine, but we got invited to cook it instead at the Culinary Boutique, launched on December 15th. What…