Saigon Cafes: Loft Cafe


That big clock you see in Instagram pictures in #somewhereinsaigon… well it’s at Loft Cafe. Tucked in this block on Ly Tu Trong greeted by an Art gallery, once you get in, go to up…


Vietnam: Kokoïs in District 2


Mitch has decided to surprise me by taking me to new locations that I haven’t yet discovered in HCM. He brought me to Kokoïs on a Monday. Despite the good nature of his gesture, I…

Saigon Street Food: Bo Kho


Bò Kho isn’t the most well-known soup for visitors of Vietnam. Same broth color as the Bun Bo Hue, Bo Kho is beef stewed with tomato, star anise and lemongrass, served in 3 different ways. The origin of the…

Saigon Street Food: Bun Bo Hue


I miss my mom’s Bun Bo Hue, but while visiting Vietnam, it is definitely the spot to try all kinds of variation of it! This soup is from my hometown Hue, in Central Vietnam. It…