Siam@Siam Bangkok

Check-in: [email protected] Bangkok


Bangkok is a large city and there are many choices for places to stay from AirBnb’s to luxurious hotels. For our last visit to Bangkok, we bring you to a place Thuymi actually already stayed…

Beach Resort in Fujairah

Check-in: InterContinental Fujairah


Fujairah is more famously known for Snoopy Island, the best place in the United Arab Emirates to do some snorkelling. Great news now because not too far from it, this luxurious resort opened its doors in…

Where to stay in the Maldives

Check-in: Kuramathi Island Maldives


Looking for a island in the Maldives that offers absolutely everything for the whole family? While still offering the seclusion we come to expect from this part of the world? Well Kuramathi may be the…

Check-in: Velassaru Maldives


Picture an island full of soft white sand, the clearest blue waters you have ever seen combined with luxury accommodation. Now that is getting close to what you will experience when you book a stay…

Where to stay in Dusseldorf

Visit Dusseldorf Innside and out


Dusseldorf is becoming a destination visited more and more by Germans and people all over the globe for leisure instead of business. With its proximity to the Rhine River and closeness to the rest of…

AdventureFaktory Vida Downtown Review

Check-In: Vida Dubai Downtown


We had a plethora of meetings scheduled downtown Dubai with a range of clients and needed a place to stay that was close to plenty of cafes. We still wanted to enjoy the luxuries of…

Check-in: Manzil Downtown Dubai


The daily grind of Dubai (heat, traffic, work) is enough to drive even the most headstrong people crazy, so every now and then we love to get away with a little stay-cation to break out…

Staying at Dusit Thani Dubai

Check-In: Dusit Thani Dubai


Discover what it is like to Stay, Eat, Have fun and Relax in Dubai at Dusit Thani Dubai, the Thai themed hotel chain located just across the road from the famous Dubai Mall. As 2016 winded…