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Travel Advice in Kenya


Hey guys, off to Kenya? Here are a few tips to make sure your trip is safe and happy 😉 Most of these apply to all non-first world countries, but make sure you remember them!…

AdventureFaktory x Death Road

Riding the Death Road in Bolivia


There is no better adrenaline rush than to bike down the 53 most dangerous Km’s of your life! In Bolivia, you will be able to the this adrenaline rush by riding down the Death Road,…

What to do in Yangon for one day

How to spend a day in Yangon


Planning a trip to Myanmar? You must be wondering how many days you should spend in the capital Yangon? One day should be enough, but if you want to take your time and also have…

Agra guide

How to maximize your day trip to Agra


Are you planning to visit India? Agra seems like a must destination to visit the famous Taj Mahal, but then are you torn between other incredible cities and don’t have enough time? Look no longer,…

Things to do in Old Dubai

6 Things to do in Old Dubai


What are the things to do in Old Dubai? This guide is not about the landmarks to see in Dubai, but places you should know to go grab a bite, buy, drink, eat again… read…

Jet-packing in Singapore

Jet-packing in Singapore


Want to feel like Superman? Who said that man wasn’t able to fly? If you are someone who seeks out new challenges, loves water and not afraid to try new experiences, then the Jetlev Water…

Hiking in Jordan

Your Guide to Hiking in Jordan


Travelling to visit landmarks is great, but sometimes to be able to enjoy a destination better, you must do some hiking to immerse completely into the journey and of course to get to that landmark!…

Laos Visa on Arrival Information

Guide to Visa on Arrival for Laos


You are planning to go to Laos and still have no clarification on what you need for your visa? Here is all the information you need regarding visa on arrival for Laos. Good news, as…

How to Book a Safari in Kenya

How to book a good Kenya Safari


Heading away for an African Safari? The AdventureFaktory team has just completed it, so we have the inside knowledge for you on how to pick your tour company! 1) Choose the National Park you want…

Sweihan Offroading

Offroading in Abu Dhabi


Last weekend we decided to go camping, again! Our good colleague and camping buddy is leaving the country soon, so we are trying to fit the most we can until his departure. For the 3rd…

Where to stay in Dusseldorf

Visit Dusseldorf Innside and out


Dusseldorf is becoming a destination visited more and more by Germans and people all over the globe for leisure instead of business. With its proximity to the Rhine River and closeness to the rest of…