#MYLAND: World-First Hot Air Balloon & Falconry

AdventureFaktory flies with Land Rover, Royal Shaheen and Balloon Adventures

We have always wanted to do some hot air balloon adventures and the occasion arrived right on time! Recently we had been invited to experience the Land Rover’s MYLAND Falconry experience supported by partners Royal Shaheen and Balloon Adventures… all supported by His Highness Sheikh Butti Bin Juma Al Maktoum! They had the vision to build the world’s most unique falconry project: fly falcons up high around hot air balloons.

The experience

Early start. 5:45 AM we had to be at the Meydan Hotel for coffee and ready to head to the ballooning destination, where we waited for a while for the intense fog to lift.


Never have I flown in an hot air balloon in the past. I am usually not scared of heights, I love flying in a place, but being in an hot air balloon was a big question mark for me. As we were watching the crew lay out the balloon and getting it blown up, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be stressed or scared and it sure didn’t help that we had to all rush in the balloon quite fast at the GO sign! Once we were aboard, I felt just fine, it was quite nice to see the other balloon take off.



It was just amazing to go up higher and higher accompanied by an amazing balloon operator that is Peter Kollar! Floating in the Dubai sky, getting closer to the Oman border, looking at the sand dunes from flat up there… I mean it was all so great for me… and my camera lens!



While up in the air, we practiced how to land. The way he was explaining the landing, I was almost scared of a disturbed landing. As the ground approached, Peter told us to hold on tight but our landing have been very smooth. There is a little jolt once you hit the ground, but if the conditions are good and your pilot is experienced, the landing shouldn’t be as painful as many believe.








One of the best experiences was the falcon flying. Not only are these falcons are so pretty, it was so majestic to see them take off from their trainers arm and fly away around us at 4000 ft high. It was a great feeling to see an ancient tradition of the Emirati culture to be mixed with an adventurous experience.


Before we were thrown in vintage cars into the dunes, we watched Land Rover’s MYLAND Falconry film series featuring the full project from the falcon’s hatching, training and arrival to their new home in the Dubai desert!

The experience is available at 1,100 AED (300$US)/person for the MYLAND Falconry experience including pick-up, drop-off, hot-air balloon ride, falconry demonstration and breakfast. Book through the Balloon Adventures website or call +97143884044.

  • Have you ever been on a Hot Air Balloon experience?
  • Where did you do it?
  • If not, would you like to do it?

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  • Davide uTravelshare

    What a wonderful experience and it’s not really expensive! I had a chance to do the same in Myanmar, Bagan temples look from the air during the sunrise, it was 420 $US (too expensive for me because I just started my travel around South east Asia) Anyway lovely experience and great pictures, thanks for sharing it

  • Anamika Ojha

    wow! It must be an exhilarating experience of the lifetime! Adding it on my bucket list!

  • The early start is so worth it for this surreal experience! That view looks straight out of a movie. Would love to do this one day!

  • What an incredible view and experience. I have always wanted to go hot air ballooning but the thoughts just like yours always cross my mind – is it safe, how will it land, should I be scared or calm? If anything your post and recount of this experience has pursuaded me. here’s hoping i get an experienced pilot!

  • Even without reading your post but just by looking at all photos, it seems like an amazing adventure. Great pictures, btw :). Frankly, I am not a big fan of hot air balloons. When I was a kid, a stray hot air balloon accidentally landed on our neighbor’s house. Since then, I haven’t had any desire to try it myself. Maybe I should reconsider: falcons+balloons are sooo tempting.

  • EG Green

    That looks like an awesome experience with great pictures to match. One thing I’ve learned from living in the gulf is that there’s nothing quite like floating over the rolling desert sands!

  • What fun….I never imagined what it would be to do it over the deserts of Dubai. Loved your pics and your excitement is evident even in your pics. Thanks for sharing the costs for the same.

  • Veronica

    Thuymu, your photography is exceptional and inspiring!
    I did hot air balloons twice – in Ukraine and Cappadocia. The experience was unforgettable. Next time I’ll do it in Dubai

  • Raluca Lo

    Wow, what an amazing adventure! I always wanted to try a hot-air balloon ride, but until now I was afraid to actually do it! 🙂

  • Punita Malhotra

    Adventure time! The pictures look stunning, but heights is a problem for me, and specially flying. Could never get myself to think of a hot air balloon!

  • Jasmin N

    I’m so scared of those things haha 😀 flying with anything is definitely not for me, but it looks like you’re having so much fun up there 🙂

  • nicola maria

    I am mesmerised by these photos!!! The hot air balloon trip looks insane!!! Must take a trip here – Absolutely love birds <3 thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Sridhar Salian

    love the way you tell about your hot air balloon experience. It’s amazing information the places with wonderful pics. I’ve never gone there before. Noted it!

  • I am planning my first hot air balloon flight as I write this, but it will be at a festival – nothing like this amazing experience! So, do the falcons just fly around the balloons and then head back to their trainers? Such a great idea!

  • Gina Panozzo

    This looks like the ultimate bucket list experience. I like how they taught you how to land. Going up is the exciting part, but I’m sure landing is just as scary!

  • Susanna Kelly

    What an amazing experience. I did something similar in Cappadocia, Turkey and was just blown away by the beauty of being so high. The desert and falcons are a unique aspect of your trip. I would totally do this based on your amazing photos!

    • We are now seriously considering a trip to Turkey, just for the ballooning experience!! Thanks for liking our article 🙂

  • The Katie Show Blog

    Wow your pictures are truly incredible! I would be a little nervous as well but I feel like it’s something we have to do at least once in our lifetime right?!

    • Yeah, despite our nerves, we were so glad we did it!!! Once in a lifetime!

  • MelBTravel

    First thing I am going to say is Wow, that looks like an amazing experience. I have always wanted to go Hot ballooning but the timing has never been right. The views look amazing across Dubai and it is so nice to see it from a different angle. Great pictures and post

    • Thanks so much, yes we were lucky to have a great combination of good weather and location. You must try it when you’re here!

  • JustGoPlaces

    This does look very cool! You get a real feel of how vast the desert is from up there. I would definitely love to try this!

  • Aww this looks amazing. Reminds me of the time I did this in Cappadocia, Turkey – it was life changing. i also love Dubai – Was just there in February for a week. Had such a great time.

    • We really want to go to Turkey to do this, it looks incredible there! Super keen to try it.

  • Megan Claire

    Sounds like the most incredible experience – I love taking hot air balloons, and I imagine looking over the great expanse of the Dubai desert from the sky would offer the most spectacular views. Thanks for the tip – we’re hoping to head through in June 🙂

    • You will love Dubai! But coming in June will be quite hot for you, hope you’re ready!

  • Wow, this experience must be something you can really treasure. Nothing compares to be on top while riding a hot air balloon then seeing the stunning sand dunes at its natural state. I would surely try this if I get the chance to visit Dubai soon.

    • Oh please come to Dubai soon, what an amazing place to be. Was indeed majestic to see the dunes from the air. Makes me want to get a drone hihi!

  • Stephanie Rose

    I’ve done two balloon rides, one in germany and one in Turkey. They were both so amazing. I think doing a ride over a dessert would also be a really cool experience. I loved the ceremonies after my rides as well…and the mimosas since it’s barely 8am by the time you land. haha Your photos form the balloon ride are amazing!

    • WOW did you do it in Cappadocia? This is like HIGH on our bucket list! … yes the ceremonies post rides!! amazing. Thanks for the compliments about the photos <3

  • Live Learn Venture

    This looks like so much fun! A hot air balloon ride is on my bucket list and I was supposed to go for a ride in Prague — but sadly it was rainy and windy so I couldn’t. It looks like you had an amazing time!

    • Weather can be tricky indeed, we were scared they cancel ours because of the fog. Best of luck on weather for your next booking!

  • Claire Summers

    Oh wow this just looks incredible! What an experience to have. i’m pretty afraid of heights but I’m working on it so maybe one day I’ll be brave enough!

    • You will! It is smoother than a plane flight and safer! Believe it or not, I thought the same, but once you experience it you will be like “woah this as so much smoother than I thought!”

  • What an amazing experience! I’m so afraid of heights that I don’t know if I would be able to do it. Funny how they prepared you that the landing may not be so pleasant, but it ended up being just fine. It looks like you had an amazing time!

    • We totally feel you with the heights fear, we have it a little bit too, but it really is safer and smoother than planes, promise! Please go do it!

  • This looks like such a cool experience. I would probably duct tape my camera to my hand – I’d be terrified of dropping it hahahaha. I need to add this to my bucket list!

    • OMG we felt exactly the same way… like “why did we not duck tape our phones to our hand haha

  • Thanks for taking me on a balloon ride. I’m not sure if I’d be able to do it. I’m afraid of heights. :p

    • Oh dear, we had many on the balloon that were scared, but take off and landing was more smooth than a plane! So worth it! I think the thing you might be the most scared or stressed about will be to drop your phone while taking a snapshot haha

  • Danni Lawson

    What an adventure! I so relate to your nerves over landing, I did this is in the Czech Rep and the guide kept telling me it would be OK but making worrying gestures to the other Czechs- made me a bit suspicious! The feeling is amazing though, even if you had to get up super early! 🙂

    • Haha these guys somehow like to freak us out and then everything goes so swell! Amazing you did it in Czech Republic, we will have to check that out! Where we can, we will do it from now on!

  • This seriously looks so fun and you have some great photos to capture the fun experience! I need to talk Scott into a hot air balloon ride! I have never been on one but he is deathly afraid of dangling in a little basket! This seems like the most beautiful place to try it out!

    • Oh yes do convince Scott! This is safer than a plane, you can find many stats about it if you need to calm him down 🙂

  • Jenn Marie Arrigo

    This is AWESOME! Looks so fun and great pictures!! Jealous! Even though I am afraid of heights.. it still looks fantastic! xo http://www.firstcomesmrs.com

    • We think that even though you are scared of heights, this is same as flying a plane…or better! You have to do it!