We pride on staying active while travelling the world. Being active for us is the way to stay healthy and taking care of our wellbeing.

Health & Fitness

How to stay healthy & Fit while globetrotting
AdventureFaktory Intermittent Fasting Guide

Things to know about Intermittent Fasting

We thought that since Ramadan is just around the corner in the Middle East, the large majority of the nations are fasting, we might get in on the action as well. So instead of doing…

Travel and stay fit

How to make fitness a priority when you travel

We are firm believers that travelling is the best way to learn about life, mature and develop your sense of curiosity. For us, travel is certainly the life-long university degree we should all “study”. In…

AdventureFaktory guide to stay fit while travelling

How to stay fit while travelling

Do you travel for work? Are you in your year gap travelling the world? Are you an avid¬†vacationeer? Staying fit could be one of your problems and we sure have been through that phase! Becoming…


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Health + Travel

Travelling can make you gain weight and affect your health as your routine and habits change. We like to stay active and healthy during our travels, so let us share with you our tips!

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