Myanmar: First impressions

As the plane arrives, we areĀ desperately looking for where the city centre is but struggling to see anything from ourĀ aerial view point. Skyscrapers are few and far between and paddocks are surrounding our landing.

The customs and luggage debacle was not bad at all thanks to many officers awaiting our planes arrival. Clearly they are a little more organized in that manner than some of Burmas neighbours.

As we were told by several bloggers and friends that had already ventured here, the best places to exchange your crisp dollar bills is at the airport. They all have similar exchange rates (+/- 15 kyats) and the process was quick and painless.

As you exit the airport, there is a taxi stand that helps you get a taxi for a set price. This is the safest and most secure way to travel into town. 6 dollars US should get you about anywhere you want to. In our case, that 6000 kyats brought us to Yangons’ main bus station.

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