Myanmar: Our Burmese Days

Thuymi and I had been planning a trip to Myanmar for 12 months now, and the time has finally arrived for us to see what this country has to offer.

In the last 12 months alone, Thuymi and I have managed to visit 10 countries, each with their own unique culture and nuances. Burma is a relatively “new” country, with its borders only recently opened to the general public. As we are leaving Asia shortly, a trip here would not be for a few more years, so we wanted to get in before the tourist ‘explosion’. We have heard plenty of good reviews from Myanmar about the sites and the views, with the only poor reviews being directed to our creature comforts such as high speed internet, quality sanitization and some basic infrastructure deficiencies.

In regard to flying- the quality, or lack thereof the airports here, flights are still a little expensive, however Air Asia, Vietnam Airlines and Air Mandalay are all serving direct to the financial and tourist capital (Yangon). Internal flights can get pricey as well if you are booking in high season, but there are always opportunities for a cheap flight if you keep looking on the websites. The internal flight provider web sites can also be a little tricky to navigate, if you know a good travel agent that will not rip you off, maybe it is worth your while going through them.

We are only there for a short journey, so we will be taking overnight buses to save accommodation prices and a little bit of cash as well. Buses are way to book, and range from very local to VIP. The top line buses are comfortable and you can easily get a good nights sleep on them no worries.

Our route of travel for a 6 day trip is as follows

Yangon- Bagan – Inle – Yangon.

We have to miss out on Mandalay this trip, but we want to come back and try that one again.

Please comment back to us about our trip and possible places we should visit in our time here, we will book our itinerary around what feedback is provided.

Read our other posts for the detailed trip.

First impressions
Myanmar in 6 days
Bagan in 2 days
Inle Lake in 2 days
A day in Yangon

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