Myanmar: This is why you have to go to Inle Lake

To read more about our Inle Lake trip: Click here.

Inle Lake, Myanmar
Fisherman posing
Inle Lake, Myanmar
He was doing it for pictures, literally! Gave him 1000 kyat each for a tip.
Inle Lake, Myanmar
Inle Lake, Myanmar
Inle Lake, Myanmar
If you look closely, he actually caught a fish
Inle Lake, Myanmar
Perfect sun, he is a pro!
Inle Lake, Myanmar
The Sunrise on Inle Lake

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake, Myanmar
Vintage shot!

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Inle Lake, Myanmar

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  • Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Awesome post! Myanmar looks so cool! I’m definitely adding it to my bucket list😊

  • Noel Lorenzana

    Awesome blog post! Myanmar looks amazing. I would love to see it one day. It’s definitely going on my bucket list 😉

  • Love30

    I’ve never been here. Inle Lake looks adorable. I absolutely love the vintage shot! There’s sometching about the way it’s been captured. Love it . Ree Love30

  • Inle lake is wow! Every shot is perfect, and I really like how the fisherman played the role.
    BS, xx

  • Jasmin N

    That place looks so pretty! Wow, breathtaking view 🙂

    ♥ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  • Wonderful photos of the fishermen! Myanmar certainly looks like a land of wonders. Thx for sharing.

  • Nora Tarvus

    You just made an everyday life situation very beautiful with your pictures. My favorite is the photo of the sunrise – those colors are amazing!

    XOXO Nora /

  • Vic

    I’d also like to do that thing where you’re standing at the edge of the boat! 😀 Also, thank you for sharing beauty in Myanmar! – Vic (

  • Cheryl Clark

    Thanks. A very good suggestion.

  • Cheryl Clark

    Stunning gorgeous pics that make me want to book a flight straight for Myanmar.

    • Thank you! Go after september as now is low season and there are no balloons in Bagan!