Photo Journal: Montenegro Wine Discovery

Montenegro best wines

A road trip to find the best wines in the country. Meet Radevic Wines and the home experience with the lovely family.

  • Have you ever visited Montenegro?
  • Do you like wine? Would you go for a local experience like this to taste wine and eat home made food?

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Photo Journal in Montenrgro
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  • sen rathod

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  • travellingslacker

    Wine journeys are the best kind of journeys :P. And they also seem to have done a good work with the food. Have been hearing a lot of good things about Montenegro of late as a new favorite of everyone. Seems they were right after all.

  • The pictures said it all. Lovely collage work. The food along with the wine looks amazing too.
    I have never done a trip for discovering new wine but this tempts me for sure.

  • Archana Singh

    WOW! Your pictures are stunning. Loved the photojournal. Reminded me of my visit to the famous NAPA Valley of San Francisco. Like you, I too had a great time there.

  • Raghav

    One of the best travel and wine collages I have ever come across. Absolutely love all the photographs and how they tell a story without words. I love wine and discovering new wine is always splendid and while I was aware of Montenegro as a place I would like to visit, I was not aware they had a wine region. Thanks

  • Genie Patra

    I’m actually allergic to alcohol so I can’t drink wine. Which is so unfortunate because this looks so yummy. But I’ll take the G Wagon instead haha

    • Mitch Hyde

      At least you do not have to have a hangover, must keep you healthy!!

  • Your pictures are beautiful! That food looks incredible and the presentation is so inviting. I would love to do a wine tour in an intimate setting like this. I bet this was one of the most memorable experiences in Montenegro!

    • Mitch Hyde

      Yes it was certainly one of the highlights of the trip for sure!

  • Excellent photos! However, I would have really loved to read some captions. There’s so much going on and I want to know all about this wine place in Montenegro!

  • Tasha Haley

    These are some seriously impressive photographs. I would love to visit here and do the wine discovery. Montenegro has always been on my list

  • Never visited Montenegro but really glad to see it in you captures. The road trip shots fascinated me.
    Guess this wine is special and good from your review. Wish to lay my hands on one of those bottles. 😉 🙂