Photo Journal: Lebanon

Is Lebanon in Africa? Is Lebanon an Arab country? How wide is Lebanon? Is Lebanon a desert? Really? Those are the most asked questions about Lebanon? What you should be asking is how beautiful and safe the country is and it is time you come visit. Here is our little photo journal of our 72 well spent hours in Beirut and its surroundings. Share and visit soon! Read more about Lebanon here.


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  • Truly stunning photo journal! What camera do you use and what editing software? I love the tone of your shots. Also, is Lebanon a truly safe country beyond Beirut? When would be the best period to visit?

  • Marissa Abao

    These are pretty cool! I like the food photos the most. It’s nice that you get to share them with your friends. I like the tiny welcome treats too. They must be really sweet and delicious.

    Iza c/o Kathy James (Walk About Wanderer)

  • Manjulika Pramod

    I have not been to Lebanon but I must say these pictures have made me absolutely curious about it.

  • Kristine AARSHEIM

    I’ve heard Lebanon is beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to visit Beirut! Sadly, my boyfriend is not so interested as he’s scared about terrorist attacks (ironic, as we live in Paris). I love Lebanese food and I’m interested in learning more about the culture! Your photos are amazing.

    • I know, there are plenty of stories out there and the truth is often somewhere in between. If you go be prepared to eat every minute of the day!

  • Abhinav Singh

    Lebanon is an enigma. Every one knows that this country exists but
    not many know about what it really is like. Your blogs breaks many myths on
    Lebanon. I would like to travel there soon. It looks so gorgeous.

  • Finding Jing

    Thanks for showing those wonderful pictures of Lebanon. My favorite is the rocky seaside. I’m convinced that Lebanon deserves a visit. 🙂

  • Torgeir Wigum Lindland

    Never been to Lebanon, but it has been on my list for a long time. But somehow I have never made it yet. Love your pictures, they really capture the place. Did not lessen my desire to visit Lebanon, that’s for sure 🙂

  • Torgeir Wigum Lindland

    Never been to Lebamom, but it has beem on my list for a long time. Somehow I have never made it yet. Love your pictures, they really capture the place. Did not lessen my desire to visit Lebanon, that’s for sure 🙂

  • Your photos are amazing and show a side of Lebanon that you don’t really see. All I knew about Lebanon is that it is a troubled country in the Middle East. You showed that it is actually a really cool country to visit where you can find many interesting places to visit and things to do. And the food…. I could eat every single dish you’ve captured in your photos.

    • It certainly is a cool country to visit. There are a few spots we probably would not go to but in general we felt super safe the whole time.