10 Things you can do during Ramadan in Dubai

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This is our second year living in a country that goes through the Holy Month Of Ramadan. Breaking the myth that nothing happens during Ramadan, we would like to highlight a diversified list of events and activities that will be running through Ramadan. Make sure to share this!

The range of Ramadan activities allows fasting and non-fasting people to discover and be a part of the period of enlightenment while at the same time enjoying the vibrant ambience and hospitality of a city that has made its mark internationally as a year-round family tourism destination.

Ramadan in Dubai is truly a great experience, the contrary of what some expats tend to say when they hear friends or family want to come over that time. Other than the annoying hot heat, being in Dubai during Ramadan is an occasion to embrace and get to know the Arabian traditions. After sunset, the city comes to life with a quite a festive buzz (ok…empty roads at 7pm doesn’t sound festive, but that’s because everyone is indoors getting ready to break fast!). You sure find events all over town, like events in malls, themed entertainment until after midnight, etc. Whether it’s Iftar feasting, late-night shopping, make sure to not stay in, but get out there and enjoy it before it ends!

1) Photography in Old Dubai

Grab that camera and go capture these amazing moments of Ramadan in old Dubai, best photos guaranteed. Make sure to walk through Naif, one of Dubai’s oldest and busiest neighbourhoods.

2) Go to Alserkal Avenue

If you are an art fan visiting Dubai, do NOT miss this spot. They have board games every Saturday and Sunday, galleries open later, in a nutshell, you will LOVE IT! Each gallery or venue might have their of Ramadan celebrations too, make sure to do some more research.

3) Go to Malls!

Well if you are visiting Dubai, you sure have to experience what it is like to be in a full mall at 2am! Of course go to the Dubai Mall, then perhaps the Mall of Emirates. If you have seen them, Ibn Battuta mall is nice to see as a visitor!

4) Go for the Ramadan Night Run

Go for a run yes! This is an one-night-only community fun run taking place on June 9. 3-5-10km routes will be set at the Dubai Autodrome location and costs from AED 95 (~25$US)/per person depending on the run you go for!

5) Go to an Iftar or Suhoor!

o matter what your beliefs are, big duh, you can’t be in Dubai and not try MANY iftars and a few Suhoor on top of it while smoking a shisha! Yalla book now and check out few iftars we have been so far in 2017!

6) Try to fast

If you really want to experience what your Muslim friends go through during Ramadan, why not you join in on the fast and try to control your cravings and sort out some of your bad eating habits. You don’t necessary need to do the full fasting. You can do a fasting with water only, or intermittent fasting (read more about it) or simply just keep an eye on your food intake more strictly than how you usually do it!

7) Go to the Ramadan Night Market

The Dubai World Trade Centre is hosting a special Ramadan Night Market from the 1st to the 10th of June. Get your souvenirs and all that. You surely will find good bargains there!

8) Be generous!

Ramadan is the time of the year that most expats gives back a lot to charity by downsizing the wardrobe as an example! Since the holy month is about thinking of someone other than ourselves and especially the ones less fortunate, it is simply the perfect moment to do the big Spring Clean Up of the house! You will also notice a lot of Ramadan Sharing Fridges, which is many people leaving fridges with food and water for those who need it to break fast. You can find it in most communities in Dubai! Join their Facebook group, Ramadan Sharing Fridges, to find out more.

9) Do some (free) yoga!

For Ramadan, Lululemon decided to do health and wellness initiatives as part of its ‘Follow your Nawaya’ Ramadan campaign. Every Saturday, it will host an hour yoga class followed by an hour of meditation at the Sheraton Dubai Mall of the Emirates from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. You can join one or the other… or both! All classes are complimentary, and pre-registration are not require, how cool! This is from June 3rd to 17th.

10) Pool it up

Yes expats, travellers and humans, during Ramadan you sure can still put on your bikini and go enjoy the beautiful beach and beach passes at hotels and resorts. Rumours are not true, you sure still can enjoy some vitamin D! Just make sure you cover up in public spaces and don’t walk in your bikini to your car … I mean, ever?

Hope you enjoy your first Ramadan experience in Dubai or your 3048394th!

Ramadan Kareem!
  • Have you ever visited a muslim country during Ramadan?
  • How is your Ramadan experience so far as an expat or visitor in Dubai? 
  • Share your experiences with us!

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  • Maya Ahmad

    I’ve tried ramadan in UAE
    Seriously it’s amaziiing
    there is this special ramadan vibes everywhere
    they even do ramadan tents everywhere
    i have to visit Dubai again there is alot of places that i ddnt have the chance to visit last time
    this website helped me alot with my first visit have a look ppl

  • travellingslacker

    Great thoughts. I like how you have generated ideas that are culturally sensitive and encourages assimilation. Surely one can fast for a day to enjoy the glorious food later at night.

  • Jeanette Cheney

    This is a great and basic guide. It’s so true that the world does still go on when Ramadan is happening and that’s no excuse not to visit a country. I didn’t know Dubai had so many fun things for non-fasting people to do. I’d be tempted to do a night run

  • I imagine that there is such a feeling of peace that covers the land during Ramadan. Being at the heart of such a sacred and special time of year would make every activity that much more memorable. It’s not always the big, flashy attractions. Sometimes, it’s the subtle whispers of a peaceful land.

  • I love that you have shared this post, because it is such a misconception that there is not much to do during Ramadan in Muslim countries. I would love to experience the Ramadan night market for some shopping. Do they sell food as well? I think it would be a fantastic opportunity to join the locals as they open their fast.

    • Yes the night market sells some food as well, but it is not the focus of it. Being new to the area, it has been an eye opener!

  • Gemma Baker

    I hadn’t thought about how Ramadan would impact traveling in the UAE. It seems like there are still a lot of great things to do, the night market sounds fun. Plus, free yoga? Yes please!

  • That is a super useful list. I haven’t visited DUbai yet, but I think it would be a very special atmosphere to visit it during the Ramadan. So cool that they organize a Ramadan Night Market.

  • Genie Patra

    all of these sound so fun! I would love to do the night run, go to the night market, and free yoga omg yes. Dubai is really high up on my bucket list and i hope to make it there some day soon.

  • I didn’t realise there was so much to see and do during Ramada in Dubai! Would be an interesting time to visit 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • travelwithbird

    I haven’t been to Dubai yet but I am sure all the superlatives there must be really impressive. The Alserkal Avenue sounds interesting since I would be really curious about which kind of exhibits can be seen there! Great to hear also about the health and wellness initiatives, this is I think a good idea even during the whole year everywhere 🙂

  • Great list! The Ramadan night run sounds like so much fun! What a great idea to have a race at night, maybe someday I will participate 🙂

  • jacklyn.

    This is such a great topic, while prepping for Ramadan in Morocco we were discussing “what do tourists do during Ramadan” and I thought it’d be a great concept for a blog post and lo and behold: you did it! such great tips and I love that you suggested “try to fast” as I felt that would be a respectful thing to do.

    • Yes fasting must be so hard so I think the least we can do is try it our to see what it is like. There are also many health benefits to controlled fasting so we figured to try it!!