The Ultimate List of Budget Airlines you Need to know

Budget Airlines around the world

If you want to optimize your budget, saving costs through the airfare is the best way. We sometimes like to buy the cheapest flights, sacrifice leg space and comfort, to be able to save that cash on a luxury hotel!

If you’re a student, well then this is no doubt THE bible you need to print out or bookmark to make sure to stretch your dollars to the max whilst traveling the world. In the years we’ve been traveling, we made it our mission to find the cheapest possible flights to destinations, whether it takes us hours or days to dig out the amazing deal.

If you want to know the best ways to book cheap flights, you have to check out our article about How to Find the Cheapest Flights.

In the meanwhile, let us list you the budget airlines you must know depending on which continent/country you are at. This will help you guys pin point what are the available budget airlines in your home country or in the region you will be travelling to.

Middle East

If you are an expat of Dubai like us, this is THE list you need to know of the top budget airlines in the Middle East! Our favourite must be FlyDubai which gives us the opportunity to visit so many countries we would’ve never thought of booking for! Also, FlyDubai fly to amazing locations like the Maldives at a super affordable price, who would’ve thought?

United Arab Emirates: FlyDubai, Air Arabia
Oman: SalamAir
Kuwait: Jazeera Airways
Saudi Arabia: Nas Air
Turkey: Pegasus Airlines, SunExpress

AdventureFaktory FlyDubai
Heading to the Maldives with FlyDubai!


Travelling to Africa can be surprisingly expensive. We haven’t seen much of it yet other than Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt. Note these budget airlines of the region and do tell us if we have missed any!

Algeria: Air Algerie
Angola: TAAG
Botswana: Air Botswana
Egypt: Air Arabia Egypt
Ghana: Antrak Air
Namibia: Air Namibia
South Africa​: ​Mango, Kulula
Tanzania: ​Fastjet
Tunisia: ​NouvelAir


We had the opportunity to live in Asia for more than 4 years. We will certainly go back as it is an amazing place to be able to travel often and at a budget. This is the reason why we are so well travelled and have seen over 90% of Asia: their budget airlines! They have just incredible prices at less than 100$US for a round-trip if you are smart in your flight booking skills! Here are all of the low cost airlines you can find in Asia and of course, our go-to and favorite one is AirAsia! Also, did you know Scoot flies from Singapore to Australia? It’s CHEAP as CHIPS!


No wonder why most Europeans are quite well-traveled! First all the countries are so dense and close to each other and then there is certainly no shortage of budget airlines in Europe, with almost every country having at least one! Can you believe that flying in Europe is cheaper than taking the bus or train sometimes? We have a little preference for Wizz Air that flies from Dubai, letting us the opportunity to go to Europe for quite cheap! Also not to mention for our North Americans, WOW Air from Iceland is pretty nuts, so get your backpack ready because that country is AMAZING! Tell us if we are missing one.

 Czech Republic: SmartWings
 France: France
Germany: Germanwings
Hungary: Wizz Air
 Iceland: WOW air
 Ireland: Ryanair
Italy: Air OneBlue Panorama Airlines
Norway: Norwegian Air Shuttle
Romania: Blue Air
Spain: VoloteaVueling
United Kingdom:

North & Central America

Oh I feel you fellow friends back in America. Travel isn’t easy for you, but it is certainly not impossible! There are plenty of ways to find affordable airfare in North America, but of course it is rarely as inexpensive as in Asia or Europe.

Canada: Air TransatSunwingWestJet
InterjetVivaAerobus, Volaris
USA: AirTran AirwaysAllegiant AirFrontier AirlinesJetBlueSouthwest AirlinesSpirit AirlinesSun Country AirlinesVirgin America (Closing soon though)
Antigua & Barbuda Liat Airlines


With everything so far from each other, there is no surprise that there are few budget airlines located in Australia and New Zealand. There are ways to save, but it is certainly not a cheap flight!

 Australia: Jetstar AirwaysRexTigerair AustraliaVirgin Blue
New Zealand: Air2ThereAir New Zealand

South America

South America can be tough to get around, so if you’re planning on a big trip through the continent, you’ll probably find yourself flying between destinations a few times. Here are all the low-cost carriers operating in South America.

Bolivia: Amaszonas, Ocean Air, Voe Gol
Azul Brazilian AirlinesGol Transportes Aéreos
Chile: PAL AirlinesSky Airline
 Colombia: EasyFlyVivaColombia
Ecuador: TAME
Paraguay: TAM Linha Aereas
Peru: Peruvian AirlinesStar Perú

That’s it! Hope we didn’t forget too many and if we did, please share with us the airlines! New budget airlines pop out all the time, so do keep us in the loop. Hope this list will help you, because we thought it WILL definitely help you as many of them do not appear in search results of SkyScanner and its likes.

  • Do you often fly with budget airlines? What are your go to ones?
  • Read more about how to book your flights and hotels at a better price!
  • Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before travelling!

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  • Liz Deacle

    Like everyone else has said, what an informative post! I loved it and shared it on pinterest. I will be using it for future reference. we are flying kuwait airlines to sri Lanka from JFK, the price was amazing. Any experience with them? Please tell me after the 3rd Jan otherwise I’ll freak out if they are awful!!

  • The quality of my life was vastly improved when EasyJey started flying to Moscow from London… and then they withdrew the service. Wah! Budget airlines are great, IMO. Food and inflight movies are nice and all, but not $$$ much nicer. This is a great resource.

  • Punita Malhotra

    Keeping tabs on low cost airlines is such a good idea because such a huge chunk of the travel expenses is always the transport and it seems like such a waste sometimes 🙂 Will make a note of all of these.

  • FlunkingMonkey

    This is honestly like my dream guide! I need to save this page for all future flights! It’s mad how much you can excessively spend on national carriers and receive the same or even less service than the budgets.

  • Medha

    Thanks for listing all the budget airlines in one place. I always fly budget airlines, and I am not very fussy about the leg space, the comfort of the chairs, etc. Thankfully I can sleep very easily (I believe I am blessed that way) and it’s totally worth it! I’ve flown flydubai a LOT since I live in the UAE. I absolutely love them, they are cheap, have direct flights to most destinations and aren’t uncomfortable in ANY way.

  • VeryHungryTraveller

    This is a really useful list. We’ve had many very good experiences with RyanAir, flying from London to mainland Europe. Always cheap, reliable, no frills air travel.

  • A great resource and list for people wanting to fly on a budget. We often take the regular airlines but within Europe we do take the budget airlines for short flights fairly often, just hate the luggage restrictions!

  • Lori Simonetti Sorrentino

    With airfares usually taking the lion’s share of a travel budget, this is really valuable information. The only word of caution is that some of these “short haul” carriers have a tendency to nickel and dime you with everything from a seat selection to carry-ons being a la carte.

  • J.I. Mengad

    Very useful information right there! Although, one must not forget to read the terms and conditions of each airline in order to avoid unpleasant surprises… a friend of mine had a nice surprise when she learnt she had to pay 40€ to print her boarding pass at the airport (rather than at home).

  • This Curvy Life

    This is an incredibly thorough list. I didn’t even know that Virgin America was closing 🙁 I am bookmarking and pinning this on pinterest. Hope that is ok

  • Perla

    This list of budget travel was really helpful, especially the one for Europe and Asia (for me). In Europe I travel most of the time, and Asia is on my next travel plans. I would love to fly someday to some African countries too.

  • Great post! We know about the budget airlines in Europe, and fly with them occasionally (especially Ryanair, Easyjet, Transavia and Vueling), but haven’t heard about the other ones!

  • Janine DeVault

    This is such a handy resource! I love budget airlines; I’m a light traveler so the baggage restrictions usually aren’t an issue for me. I’d much rather save on airfare and spend the extra $$ on snacks!

  • Jasmin N

    This was an amazing list & very much needed! Thanks for sharing these, will surely oin this for later use 🙂

  • Erin Hardie

    Wow what an incredibly comprehensive list! As an Australian I was very impressed that you knew about the super cheap flights between Australia and Singapore on Scoot – they’re one of the newest and defs the absolute like game changing cheapest. I can tell you guys are experts! Thanks for a great list to save for future use over and again!

  • Rosie

    We’re always on the hunt for cheap flights so this is a really useful post for us – thanks! We used budget airlines all the time when we lived in Korea and saved a ton!

  • This is a very useful list of budget airlines. They don’t always appear in the price comparison sites so it’s good to read about a few. I have shamefully only heard of about 15% from this list, you could save some people money here!

  • Cat Lin

    This is such a comprehensive list! I don’t travel outside Asia and North America enough to know all the budget airlines in other continents. This will be a great place to start if I’m planning trips elsewhere!

  • Wow that is some list! I didnt even know there were so many airlines in the world. I am from India and can vouch for all the airlines you have mentioned for India here. But for USA, I would not suggest travelling in Frontier. And also, I am wondering why is Alaska airlines not in the list. I have gotten some pretty cheap deals with them.

    – Vaisakhi

  • I have never booked with a budget airline overseas, but have definitely used budget airlines in the USA. I absolutely love Southwest Airlines. There were quite a bit of budget airlines on this list that I’ve never heard of and need to start looking into 🙂

  • I’m so jealous of all the discount airlines in Europe! Crazy that you can sometimes fly for less than taking a bus or train. This is a great list for future reference.

  • Sonja Thomson

    Wow this is such a great idea for an article! SO helpful! I’m not loyal to any brands really I just love finding the cheapest flight, so this is great! There’s a few on here I haven’t heard of either.

  • Paige Brown

    This is such a helpful list! I never have been the best at looking for deals, so knowing where to look certainly helps. I’ve flown a few of these, but LOVE seeing more options!

  • Lisa Rivera

    This is such a great and detailed list! I have the great pleasure (sarcastic!) of flying with Ryanair and Easyjet here in Europe! I love Norwegian Air, probably my favourite. A great breakdown of airlines here.

  • megan_claire

    OH wow this is great! Fabulous resource – I’m very familiar with Europe and Australia, but there were some new names among the Middle East and Asia which I haven’t yet come across. The one thing I would say about Australian low cost carriers, is to attempt to avoid Tigerair – there’s a whole reality TV show in it’s own right here in Aus dedicated to how bad they are!!!

  • Angie

    This is an amazing list you guys! It’s very helpful and I have tried some of those on your list. My go to one in Southeast Asia would be Air Asia. We flew with AtlasGlobal in Turkey and it was great, they had free snacks and free airport shuttle so should definitely be included there too 🙂

  • This is seriously so helpful! We love finding deals on budget airlines! I don’t get why people complain about budget airlines, it can be a bit tricky to avoid extra fees if you don’t pay attention to the bag allowances but overall we have had nothing but great experiences on a number of these budget airlines!