Travelling to Edirne

AdventureFaktory Guide to Edirne

Edirne, the capital city of former Ottoman Empire, is a pleasant day trip you could make if you don’t want to only see Istanbul when travelling to Turkey. It is considered a very historic city in the western region of Turkey (Region is called West Marmara), located really closely to the Greek and Bulgarian border.

Selimiye mosque in Edirne, Turkey
Selimiye Mosque | 📸 Shot on Canon 6D
Selimiye Mosque
On top of the Minaret of the Selimiye Mosque | 📸 Shot on Canon 6D

How to get to Edirne?

From Istanbul: If you have time, best is to rent a car and go for a joy ride! (2 hrs 23 min, 235.3 km, Approximate fuel cost of 140 TL – 210 TL …40$US ish+)
By Bus from Istanbul: You can also take a Metro bus for around 15$US (40TL – 65TL) from Istanbul straight to Edirne, it leaves twice daily. Apparently there are many bus operators and you can find ridiculous tickets at 5$US … but better get a local to find you that because many websites aren’t English language friendly!

What we did is that we were a big group so had a private bus arranged to ride us to Edirne from Istanbul at 8:30 AM to then reach Edirne around noon.

Bayezid II Külliye Health Museum, Edirne Turkey
Bayezid II Külliye Health Museum

Best time to visit Edirne

We visited Edirne in February and it was still quite cold! Not the usual recommended time to Turkey in general, but we were there so had to pay a visit to the Thrace region of Turkey! We were told the best time to visit Edirne would be from March – May and September – November, basically spring & autumn seasons. Summers from June to August tend to be hot averaging around 30°C, so to be honest it depends of what you like! We would go back in end of May for example to get a mild temperature!

Edirne, Turkey with AdventureFaktory
Selimiye mosque in Edirne, Turkey
Macun Turkish Sweets
This is Macun, a soft colorful and sweet Turkish toffee paste. It is considered as street food that may be prepared with many herbs and spices! | 📸 Shot on Canon 6D

Places to stay in Edirne

There are many options of accommodation in Edirne, we only visited Edirne during the day and ducked away closer to Istanbul in a hotel close by the city of Luleburgaz. Here is our selection if you want to stay in Edirne, noting the fact that the city isn’t the prime location to find luxury hotels! We stayed over an hour away from Edirne at the hotel Bakucha Hotel in Arkadia vineyard.

Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & Spa

Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & Spa
Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & Spa | 📸 Shot on Canon 6D

Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & Spa

Getting around Edirne

Only by foot! (Well at least for us travellers!!) The city can literally be done by walking distance, Taxis will cost you few euros only, like literally never pay more than 5 bucks!

Edirne, Turkey with AdventureFaktory

This is the walking distance from the mosque to the synagogue!

Tarihi Eser Synagogue in Edirne, Turkey with AdventureFaktory

Places to eat in Edirne

  • When in Edirne you HAVE to eat Yaprak Ciğer which is fried Liver. We went to Tulipa Restaurant for a delicious feed and got my first taste of this delicacy of the region! I absolutely loved it, but this is definitely not for everyone!
  •  Cigercisi Kemal Usta is another stop for apparently the best fried liver in Edirne. Don’t forget to eat it with ayran and the hot peppers!
  • It is suggested to have a stop at the Villa Restaurant, overlooking the Maritsa River.
  • Kofteci Osman is a must as it is known its Turkish meatballs/kebabs (Kofteci)
  • If you need Turkish homey food, check out Melek Anne
  • Feeling for safe food only? Well there is always a sports bar… Variant Game & Sports Bar!

Things to do in Edirne?

  • Selimiye Mosque (Beg to go up the Minaret!)
  • Beyazid II Kulliyesi Health Museum
  • Oldest mosque in Edirne: Eski Cami
  • The beautiful Synagogue Tarihi Eser (You have to go inside)
  • The Grand Bazaar of Edirne
  • Karaagac Train Station (Looks great outside for photography)
  • Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling (Try to catch a game… we couldn’t!)
  • Go on a wine trip! Go on a quest for the Thrace Wine Route called ‘Trakya Bag Rotasi’ which I did to end up at the beautiful Bakucha Hotel in Arkadia vineyard

Edirne, Turkey with AdventureFaktory

Tips for Edirne

If you plan for adventure, Edirne won’t be for you. Although if you love history, live like a local and not simply go to Istanbul, Cappadocia or Pamukkale, Edirne will be heaven. So many historical spots to visit and cute coffee shops to station at to sip some tea or strong turkish coffee with some sweets!

Want to read more about Edirne? Read the experience of our fellow Blogger Friends that also recently visited Edirne:

Stay tuned for our next article for the full photo journal of Edirne and the Thrace Region!

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  • Would you consider Edirne as a stop perhaps before heading to Bulgaria or Greece?
  • If you have been to Edirne, tell us what you liked the most about it!
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  • Wonderful post! Your pictures are so beautiful 🙂

  • Suruchi Mittal

    Edrine is a unknown and new place to me. Such an informative post with great pictures. I am fan of those arches and here they look so perfect especially those red and white stripes. Turkey is on my list and I will be saving this for my future reference.

  • I’ve never heard of Edirne, but the architecture is stunning! It’s nice that you were able to take a short trip from Istanbul. Also good to know that the city is walkable. I love all foods, so I’m sure I’d enjoy the fried liver too!

  • Punita Malhotra

    Such wonderful pictures here. The red-and-white stripes on the arches remind me of Cordoba. What a lovely daytrip from Turkey..a lesser known one.

  • I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Turkey once for a few days but I did not get outside of Istanbul, mostly because I was not really aware of where else I would go. Edirne looks amazing, and I would have never thought that Turkey had a wine country! Getting back to Turkey is for sure on my list, so I will add Edirne to that as well! How did you find it being there right now with the political situation? Is everything calmed down? Here is what I did while I was there:

    • We love your blog! We were in the heart of it all and any no stage did we feel threatened or worried in the slightest. I am really hoping those incidents are the exception, as it is a beautiful place to visit.

      • That is wonderful to hear! And thank you for the kudos! I love your blog too 😛

  • Ariane Petit

    Edrine looks beautiful! I guess this is a little gettaway from the stress of the big cities and tourist attractions … a nice alternative!

  • I’ve been to Istanbul but I haven’t heard of Edirne. Looking through your photos, I can say it is an interesting place to visit. Thank for the tips and insights. I will add this to my list of places to visit when we get another chance to visit Turkey. 🙂

    Joy |

    • Im glad we are able to help you and encourage you to a new spot!

  • I so badly wanted to visit Turkey when I was in Europe. So badly unfortunately I missed!!! There’s a mystical charm about Turkey! Edrine looks gorgeous. Esp that toffee street food looks yummm….

  • Adventurous Travels

    Beautiful blog and this town looks very nice. I went to Istanbul and I expected more of some oriental touch but the city disappointed me – with the exception of magnificent monuments, overall, it wasn’t as nice and cozy as Tbilisi. But I fell in love in small Turkish towns, especially in Cappadocia. Edirne also reminds me of Prizren in Kosovo – you should check it out 🙂

    • We are so happy you love our website!! Yes, Istanbul is certainly an amalgamation of East and West, not as oriental I agree. Kosovo is definitely a place we want to check out, how long do we need there?

      • Adventurous Travels

        I went to Kosovo only for 2 days – by bus from Skopje. Visited Pristina and Prizren. Interestingly, they use EUR as a currency in Kosovo and it’s so cool to be in an amazing restaurants and when the bill comes – it’s like 6 EUR 😉 Kosovo is a tiny country, so you don’t need much time. Go to other countries around as well – Serbia, Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia. They are all unique and amazing 🙂

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  • Beautiful pictures and such an informative post!

  • Kitty Limon

    Wow great photos and so much information, I’ve never been to anywhere in turkey other than Marmaris and I didn’t enjoy that but I can imagine I would love travelling around Edirne 🙂

    • No Way, well people tend to always go to the same places, at least you took the risk of doing something else 😉 Perhaps go back soon eh?!

  • Tomislav Djukic

    Wow amazing photos 😀 I like to explore the world so maybe next on the list will be Turkey.

    • Glad you like you photos! Tell us if you ever go how it goes!

  • Emma Parry

    Ah wow, this is not a place I had considered visiting but it sounds really interesting! Love how in depth your guide is, makes me feel I have been there, or that if I do go I’ll be able to make my way around fairly easily now! x

    • That’s the goal! Sometime there is not info about smaller cities, we hope to inspire through the photos but as well be comprehensive for next travellers!

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  • Rachael

    This trip looks amazing. Thank you for sharing because I had never heard of this city but now it’s on my radar and list! Beautiful photos!!

    • Happy you discovered the place through our post and that you like our photos!

  • LaToya

    Omg.. 🤗 I sooo would like to travel to this beautiful place.. *sigh* Your pictures are beautiful! Take Care!

    • So glad you love our photos! We do aim to inspire travel through our snaps!

  • Stephanie Turci

    Wow this looks magical! Thanks for posting about the times of year, I like to plan trips way ahead of time so that’s really helpful.

  • I didn’t know that they have vineyards in Turkey! Sounds like an interesting place to visit especially for people interested in history and wine. 🙂 I love your photos btw, just got own 6D two weeks ago and cannot love it more, it’s an excellent camera!

    Nora /

    • We totally didn’t know as well! It was great to discover it! Glad you love our photos, isn’t the 6D amazing? Make sure to invest in a good lens!