Vida Downtown: Modern Hotel in Downtown Dubai

AdventureFaktory Vida Downtown Review

We had a plethora of meetings scheduled downtown Dubai with a range of clients and needed a place to stay that was close to plenty of cafes. We still wanted to enjoy the luxuries of not being at home so we arranges a stay at a hotel that we had brunched at before, but never stayed. So here we go, we tried the Vida Downtown and will tell you everything you need to know if you are thinking of booking here.

A little research showed that Vida is advertised as a business travellers hotel, but we really think it offers so much more to people staying over in Dubai for several nights. It is comfortable enough for families and couples to stay and is great if you want to explore what Dubai offers as it is just in front of the Burj Khalifa, etc.

Vida Downtown Reception
Vida Downtown Reception
Vida Downtown's beautiful details
Vida Downtown’s beautiful details

Where is Vida Downtown located?

If you are staying in Dubai, Downtown is a good option to stay if you don’t want to commute too much to the main landmarks. It will be close to the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), the Dubai dancing fountains, Dubai Mall and many fine dining opportunities all within a 5 minute walk from Vida Downtown.

Awesome Things About Vida

The first thing that stands out is the central location, the cosy cabanas at the pool and the complimentary pushbike. From the pool area, there is seating that gives you a view of the mighty Burj Khalifa. The great convenience we like is the 5 minute walk to get to the Dubai Mall. There are great brunch options as well, from healthy eating to desserts and plenty of cold beverages. Vida has free internet in every room (is it a good hotel in Dubai if it doesn’t have wi-fi? haha), incredible design + furniture, with a unique in room media system which allows you to order food through your TV screen (yay to paperless hotels!).

Business Center right in front of the Reception - Complimentary as well.
Business Center right in front of the Reception –
Complimentary as well.
Vida Downtown's Complimentary bikes
Complimentary bikes!

Vida Downtown Pool Area with the cool Cabanas!

Vida Downtown Pool Area with the cool Cabanas!
Vida Downtown Pool Area with the cool Cabanas!

Not So Awesome Things

It is actually really hard to fault this place as it has ticked many of the boxes that we look for in a hotel! If we are being picky, we would say that there are limited amount of cabanas around the pool, but this is a first world problem and usually there are spots available. Not too shabby at all for a “business hotel”. The pricing isn’t affordable at all if you compare to Asian prices. You might find this way too pricey, but do not forget this is Dubai and everything is a tad more expensive!

Vida Rates

Our room was fully equipped with little luxuries such as nice soaps, coffee machine and study area, but with the price of a less luxurious hotel. The beds in our room were spacious and you could sleep for days in them! Our room overlooked the central pool which also faced us to the rest of downtown, which looked great at night. During high season, the lowest rate you might find for a night might be around 325$US (~1200 AED), do compare prices on | to find the best rates!

Vida Downtown

Vida Downtown
A little room service won’t hurt anyone!
Vida Downtown
View out of the window!
Vida Downtown
Little sweets from the Vida Downtown team, thanks for the hospitality!

Vida Downtown

Vida Downtown
Our cosy room


Vida Downtown Breakfast
Breakfast is a buffet + an “À la carte” menu. Absolutely delicious, one of our favourite hotel breakfasts in Dubai.
Vida Downtown Breakfast
Choosing the items!

Vida Downtown Breakfast

Vida Downtown Breakfast

Vida Downtown Breakfast

Vida Downtown Breakfast

Vida Downtown Breakfast


The Pool & Gym

Vida Downtown Pool
Vida Downtown Pool

Vida Downtown Pool

Vida Downtown Pool
Vida Downtown Pool
Vida Downtown Pool At Night
Vida Downtown Pool At Night is so popular for as a shisha spot.

Vida Downtown Pool At Night

Final Thoughts

Vida Downtown is really well priced considering the quality of the hotel and how close it is to everything important in Dubai. It is a place for locals to get away but also a hotel where we would recommend friends and family to stay while here in Dubai.

Vida Downtown Design

Vida Downtown Design

Ma'a as-salaama
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  • Kate Storm

    What a beautiful hotel! It looks exactly how I’ve always pictured Dubai: very modern and very luxurious. The food looks great, and that pool looks absolutely incredible!

  • Monica

    Downtown boutique hotels are the most convenient while one travels and arts usually high priced due to the location. But this one looks luxurious too. The food pictures are great and look high quality. The cabanas totally stole my heart and I can spend my entire day laying down on them worth my favorite book. Thanks for sharing the review and lovely pictures with detailed feedback

  • Vida Downtown is amazing and luxury property to stay in Dubai. With views of musical fountains and lovely breakfast it is always a first choice. Also cabanas around swimming pools are perfect place for lazing out with favorite music and books. You have take amazing pictures of this hotel.

  • Cat Lin

    What a beautiful property! I love how you can order room service straight from the TV. That swimming pool looks so relaxing 🙂

  • First things first, going through all the pictures of the mouthwatering food that you had, my mouth was left high and dry, with that feeling of hogging on all the dishes. I just love the hotel, while the location is a bug USP, the pool side cabanas stole my heart. I would happily make that my workstation when I get a chance to visit Dubai and specifically Vida Downtown.

  • Mel B

    What a beautiful looking hotel, I just like everything about it the room, the bed and that yummy breakfast. However, I am totally in love with the pool even if there is not enough limited amount of cabanas around the pool 🙂 I could just lay there all day with a glass of champagne listen to music.

  • The Katie Show Blog

    Wow what a cool place! I love that they have the bikes to use and the breakfast looks divine! Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow this hotel is spectacular! I don’t know what I like more– the design or all the amenities. I’d definitely be hanging out by that gorgeous pool area for a good portion of the day. Looks so relaxing.

  • I love the design! I always try to stay in places with lots of character. It looks like Vida Downtown definitely has that!

  • Out of all the hotels I’ve seen on Dubai, this one is by far my favorite. The design is so modern and the food looks incredibly yummy! A huge plus that it’s conveniently located to everything. I agree that they should advertise it more than just a business traveler’s hotel!

  • Coralie Grassin

    Stunning luxury hotel – the perfect place to celebrate or have a romantic time. I am WOWED by the swimming pool – the room is gorgeous too, of course – but that view! The beds on the side! I have seen many beautiful hotels but this is quite unique…

  • wow, this looks like a dream hotel. So luxurious. The pool area is so stunning. I have never stayed in a hotel like that. Hope I can go to Dubai soon and stay at Vida Hotel 😀

  • Lisa Rivera

    I’m a flashpacker, so Vida Downtown is totally up my street! I love the complimentary bikes, such a nice touch, and the hotel is stunning too. Don’t get me started on the breakfast, just incredible! A wonderful place with great amenities too.

  • Jamie

    Wow, I seriously need to book my trip now! What a stunning hotel. And that food! I’m saving this for sure!

  • Oh wow – this is a beautiful hotel! I am often willing to splurge on hotels that are right downtown, mainly because I love to walk and explore cities on foot. The pool and fitness center are a definite plus, as is having all that yummy food right at your fingertips!

  • Wow, I want to live here. I love the decor and those beds by the pool are a great place to just relax or work all day on the computer! The food also looks incredible! Great find, we will for sure look into this when we come to Dubai!

  • Paige Brown

    Vida Downtown looks amazing! If I could crawl through a computer screen to stay somewhere, this would be at the top of my list! I’ve not been to Dubai, but I KNOW when I finally make it this is where I’m going to stay.I love the modern design and that pool is just unreal!

  • Hendrik Hünecke

    I love your photos, they look truly amazing and make me really want to be there.
    This Hotel looks absolutely stunning, everything made for perfection. I would love to sit exactly now in one of these boxes and enjoy this splendid view. Cool post and great photos, thanks for sharing!

  • Raghav

    I love boutique hotels because they really have a whole lot of character and while Dubai has so many magnificent hotels, VIDA still manages to stand out. It comes across as very cozy and chic and love the free bike and as you said the cabanas by the pool. Would love to stay there the next time i’m there.

  • Apart from long layover at Dubai airport, i didn’t have a chance to visit Dubai. For business hotel looks very good and if location is so close to landmarks, not to mention cabanas by the pool, its worthy the money.

  • Vyjay Rao

    Have only transitioned through Dubai and got glimpses of the gleaming and swanky city from the airport. Would love to visit sometime soon. The Vida looks amazing and the location seems idyllic if it is so near to the Burj Khalifa. With the kind of amazing amenities that the hotel offers, it definitely is much more than a business hotel.

  • Chantell Collins

    This is exactly the kind of hotel where I see myself staying in Dubai. It is so modern and luxurious. Also I have never stayed in a hotel that has cabanas so that is still on the bucket list. I will certainly keep this in mind for a future visit! Great location.