5 Bakery Cafés You Must Go in Downtown Vancouver

Best coffee shops in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver, Canada, is one of those charming cities that attract tourists from all over that world. Heading there in the summer is by far the best season to visit.

We have many cafés that will allow you to enjoy the sunshine out in patio, or take away a glass of iced coffee for a stroll to the seawalls, parks or wherever your passion takes you. After hours of coffees and muffins we can now proudly recommend 5 bakery cafés in downtown where you can get fresh breakfast to start your day or pasties and savouries to fill in your snack time.

Nelson The Seagull

Best coffee shops in Vancouver

Located in Gastown, it is known as the oldest neighbourhood in Vancouver. The place used to be a hotel which had been built in 1907, then restored in 2011. There are plenty of seats lining up looks just like a school dining room, which lead us melancholic and homey atmosphere.

Starting with a toasted sourdough (their signature!) with poached eggs on top for breakfast or muesli, more varieties of sandwiches for lunch, also try the “Picnic Board” which will be enjoyable to share with your company. A few tables are on outside for you as well.

Info | Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 09:00-17:00 | 315 Carrall Street | Website

Best coffee shops in Vancouver


Best coffee shops in Vancouver

A family baking “factory” established in Whistler, now they have three locations in British Columbia. More excitingly, their fourth home in Vancouver is on the way.

The Gastown location is simply a pleasantly busy place with over twenty varieties of pastries, bars, cookies, breads and very friendly stuff. It basically has industrial looks with playful displays on the shelf just like their name. Do not forget to check out the washroom as well.

The place is pretty much always packed though; you will be able to get a seat if you are lucky. You can also visit several farmers markets to try their fresh breads on the weekend (check out the schedule.)

Info | Open daily 08:00-18:00 | 159 West Hasting Street (two more locations in Whistler) | Website

Best coffee shops in Vancouver

The Nosherie

Best coffee shops in Vancouver

You will never get bored with this place, The Nosherie, which is located in the middle of business district in downtown. Black and woody modern industrial interiors will welcome you. If you are craving for roasted sandwiches, this would be definitely one of the best places (Those homemade buns are just perfect).

Especially lunch time is the busiest though, happy hours await you from 3 to 6 pm daily when you can relax and enjoy beers and wines.

There is also a nice and cozy patio along with West Georgia Street. Nosherie stands just like an oasis in busy downtown where they comfort you day and night.

Info | Mon-Fri 7:30-18:00 (Closed weekends) | 575 West Georgia Street | Website

Best coffee shops in Vancouver

Small Victory Bakery

Opened in Yaletown where many warehouses mostly built before W.W.I, they are now used for commercials and residential needs. This is where Small Victory was opened in 2014. Since opening, they have been loved by local residents. For casual coffee meeting to stopping by with your dogs on outside seats, you will be never disappointed. No café sign as usual but instead a kind of trophy cup logo mildly on the entrance which refers to not a “big” victory but a “small” victory.

As it says “bread and coffee,” but it is more than that; they have got varieties of cakes for those who have a sweet tooth, of course and also for those who are likely to try something special for someone or yourself as a treat.

Indo | Mon   7:30-17:00, Tue-Fri 7:30-18:00, Sat-Sun 8:00-18:00 | 1088 Homer Street | Website

Angus T

A brand new comer to Yaletown’s neighborhood in May 9th, 2018. It takes only 4 minutes by walk straight from Yaletown-Roundhouse Station that you will not miss. A croissant’s logo explains pretty much everything about them; their signature croissants made from scratch at the shop and you can actually see it while they are making right in front of you.

Having cinnamon buns as well as croissants, a coffee from Milano Roasters, which is one of local coffee roasters, goes with it perfectly. The Latte is also strongly recommended as it is very smooth and satisfying.

A table counter has only about 10 seats, but you can also takeaway some with you to False Creek seaside only 6 minutes away from here so that you will enjoy a picnic.

Info | Daily 10:30-19:00 (only during soft opening) | 1036 Mainland Street

Best coffee shops in Vancouver


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