5 Things you Didn’t know about Serangoon Gardens, Singapore

Hawker Centre in Serangoon - Chom Chom Hawker

Are you looking for a place to call home in Singapore? Serangoon Gardens is a very well located neighbourhood one way straight into town by car and conveniently located for those who commute by BMW, aka, Bus, Metro, Walking! Haha. It has two MRT stations, Lorong Chuan and Serangoon (an interchange with both the Circle and North East Lines). Serangoon is a quite cosy residential neighbourhood that rivals Holland Village for its panoply of cafés and restaurants. Wink Wink, our favourite is The Apollo Cafe.

So here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Serangoon Gardens which could be good reasons for you to call this neighbourhood, home.

1) Gyms in Serangoon Gardens

Forget the busy gyms right in town, it’s full of people and most of them spend more time on their phones than actual training! Serangoon Gardens have over 5 gyms in the neighbourhood including Pilates, Functional Training and even a Boxing Club, located right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Serangoon Gardens. Spartans Boxing Club is opening right across Chomp Chomp Hawker centre and will actually offer more than just Boxing. Think Yoga, HITT workouts, Spartans Serangoon Garden will be pretty lit! Eat what you want and go burn it out at a community gym in Serangoon Gardens ;-).

Do read our list of the Best Hawker Centres in Singapore that you must not miss!

Boxing in Singapore
Spartans Serangoon Gardens Boxing Club offers Boxing Training for Kids too.

2) It is a heaven for pets

With endless streets that are not to busy for you to walk your pet, Serangoon is quite a pet-friendly area. There are many parks and you will encounter pet owners pretty much hanging around the main centre at Serangoon Gardens. There are also two pet shops that sell everything you need for your furry friend. There is also the salon of award-winning stylist Kingsly Tan, Animal Arts Academy on 9 Kensington Park Road, which is quite popular with pet owners looking for a stylish cut for their furry companions. He is a regional judge in pet grooming so expect no less than the perfect look!

3) Little France of Singapore – Le quartier Francais de Singapour

With a French international School, Français de Singapour, there is no surprise that the neighbourhood has been home to the French expatriate population. Many French families flock the area so as it should be, there are decent French grocery shops focusing on importing French goodies like cheeses and making fresh delicious pastries.

La Petite Boutique, 4 Kensington Park Road: For the largest French cheese selection in Serangoon and all other things French.
Maison Kayser, Maju Mall, 14 Maju Avenue: A French bakery, beware, it smells so good you might go home with more than just one baguette!

4) Hawker Centres in Serangoon

Hawkers for all! I mean if you live in Singapore and live close to a Hawker, it’s jackpot right!? Serangoon Gardens is home to Chom Chom, one of the known Hawkers by the local Singaporeans. It is known for its sugar cane. People literally come here to order a tower of sugarcane, not beer, SUGARCANE, haha. They love it. On the Same roundabout of Serangoon Gardens, there is Serangoon Gardens Market, which has many hawker stores. We absolutely recommend you to get the fried dumplings there and, my favourite, the mushroom soup (item number 4) at this place.

5) Spas in Serangoon Gardens

If you are a fan of getting pampered from facials to feet massages, Serangoon Gardens is spa heaven. A handful of them is a bit sketchy without the most beautiful marketing ever, but there are certainly a few others like Chen Kang Wellness that makes our cut. It offers a big luxurious space with a lot of services, from ear candling to sports injury treatment. Might be handy if you work hard at Spartans in Serangoon Gardens too!


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