5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling To The Maldives

Maldives guide by AdventureFaktory
Maldives guide by AdventureFaktory

The Maldives is often known as a bucket list paradise destination for all. This tropical paradise is the epitome of a luxury island holiday comprising of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, pristine marine life and opulent accommodation, food and beverage and marine activities options.

If you have plans to go to the Maldives for the very first time, be sure to read and find out the 5 things we believe you should know before planning and travelling to the Maldives!

5 Things You Should Know Your First Trip To The Maldives

1) You Can Travel Visa-Free To Maldives

It is a 30-day visa on arrival for all nationalities! You ideally need a valid ticket to continue your journey out of the Maldives within the stipulated time frame. Only in rare times, you will be asked if you have enough funds to cover the cost of your stay in the Maldives.

2) You Can Fly Budget To Malé

If you are thinking of a holiday in the beautiful Maldives, don’t be scared of the flights. From the main travel hubs of Dubai and Singapore, it is actually possible to catch some affordable flights! You can also consider flying budget to Malé to save some money for the overall cost of your trip!

We sometimes believe that as long as you get to where you need to be for your trip, safely and in one piece, it’s definitely worth it to save several hundreds of dollars on a return flight, to splurge it later at the accommodation! Flying from Singapore, you can look up Tigerair flights and from Dubai, unfortunately FlyDubai flights to Malé aren’t available anymore but you can always use website like SkyScanner to see the best option available. If every penny counts for you, you have to prepare to be okay to sacrifice your time with an extra layover.

3) Not All Luxurious Resorts in The Maldives Are Equal

We all know that a holiday in the Maldives isn’t going to cheap! At least, if you want the full luxury treatment and facilities that are as beautiful as what you see on Instagram. From local transportation to meals, activities and the accommodation itself, it will cost you quite a bit, so best to save up some money and plan as in advance as you can to try to grab the best fares or deals. You can consult our Maldives guides to check out a few hotels we have been to and if you want to book a holiday there, do reach out to us as we can arrange fun perks for the perfect holiday!

If you really insist on making your Maldives trip budget, it is possible if you are okay with having less modern facilities, basic designs and food that is not cooked by the best chefs. How? There are many local islands and budget resorts where you can pay anywhere less than US$ 150 per night. Obviously, the experience and quality will always be proportional to the price you pay. Don’t expect the most secluded villa and nicest beach and ocean for snorkelling by your accommodation if you want to pay less than US$ 150 a night!

Ozen Maldives

4) The Maldives Is An Islamic Country

What? Yes, indeed! You often associate the Maldives to beach, bikinis and tanning, but the official state religion of the Maldives is Islam. Fortunately, the strict restrictions that citizens of the Maldives have to observe regarding religion don’t apply to tourists within the most of the private resorts, meaning that you’re free to consume alcohol and wear limited clothing! Although, if you go for cheaper options and stay at local islands, you might have to be respectful and cover yourself more if you are away from your beach or pool. Make sure you verify with the staff of your hotel to know the local rules of the local island you will be staying at.

5) There is a Maldivian Currency

The official currency used in the Maldives is called the Maldivian Rufiyaa. Most islands and resorts in the Maldives accept USD but if you plan to travel to a local island and go more budget, maybe plan to exchange the amount of money you think you will be spending during your holiday for convenience.

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