A quick guide to spend 7 Days in Greece

Greece Travel Guide

Looking forward to going to Greece? Let me share with you my 7 day itinerary as I went to beautiful Milos and Santorini!

Fly to Athens

You only need 2 days in Athens… it will be enough to see and explore the beautiful city. The Acropolis is a must see, make sure you have a guide with you to explain everything otherwise you will be a clueless person watching concrete walls and columns 🙂 ! You can use taxis to get around in Athens, but be careful, they tend to scam tourists, one 15 mins ride cost me $25USD which is horrible. If you want to live the culture, go into the city’s narrow streets just underneath the Acropolis to find a lot of restaurants with live greek bands playing. It was one of the best experiences ever. And of course the……seafood is marvellous! AdventureFaktory will have many other Greek Guides coming up, for now, check out this one 😉

Take the Ferry to the Islands!

If you’re planning to go to another island (and I’m pretty sure you are), you have to book the ferry 2-3 weeks before as they can get pretty busy, specially during the summer. The ferry ride to Milos Island was early in the morning, and it took about 4 hours to get there. Make sure you have food with you. Things are expensive on the boat, I paid 12 € (close to 15$US)  for a coffee.

Transportation on the Islands

The best way to get around is with quad bikes or scooters! There are many renting places outside the port. It’s better to share 1 quad with 2 people. Prices can vary between 20-50$US/day.

Accommodation on Milos Island

You can find a lot great places to stay at on AirBnb and we recommend it as there are many fabulous looking places! The prices vary depending on the place and the view you have. We’ve got a house with 3 bedrooms (3 double beds and 2 singles) with an amazing sea view. It was 230$USD/night. You might be thinking it’s expensive, but if you divide it by 8 people, it’s an amazing bargain!

Things to do on Milos Island

  • Start your quad bike and get lost, you most probably end up at an amazing beach where you can do cliff diving, or just swimming between caves.
  • Enjoy amazing greek dishes and homemade wines. (Remember, don’t go to touristic places, prices will be over the roof!)
  • Find a peaceful place next to some beach and watch the heavenly sunset of Greece.

Greece Travel Guide

About Santorini

The ferry from Milos to Santorini is about 5.5 hours. Same thing like you did in Milos, first things first, get quad bikes!

Accommodation on Santorini Island

I know you really want to stay at a place with the view of the white houses with blue roofs. But if you’re traveling on a budget, you have to consider something else. Just know that it’s going to be expensive and that it’s sooo crowded! There are a couple of villages in Santorini away from Oía and Fira (the popular spots) that are cheaper and don’t worry, from 1 side of the island to the other, it takes only 45mins. There are white houses everywhere in Greece but Oía definitely tends to be the most famous and crowded one.

What to do in Santorini

  • They have a jet ski tour on which will take you all the way to the volcano that erupted years ago. You can swim in a hot spring, I definitely recommend that!
  • If you’re a party animal, you have to go to Thera. They have a street full of clubs and bars. You can enjoy 1 drink and meet some nice people from all over the world, or drink 10 and let your friends carry you home (guilty as charged).
  • Sunset watching: There are 2 prime places, the 2 end points of the island, Oía, Or the lighthouse which is less crowded. Don’t be weirded out when people start clapping when the magical sun sets down, it’s quite hilarious … a little bit like when people clap when a plane lands!
    • Tips for filmmakers:
      – Be careful when you’re flying your drone, it’s an island, there’s lots of seagulls!
      – Sometimes you don’t see any birds, you fly it and BAM! 45 of them appear and try to attack it!
      – Flying a drone at Oia is not allowed, there are signs everywhere. But you can just hide somewhere and break the rules 😉
      – Make sure you always have your camera ready for some amazing sunset timelapses !

Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Guide

Greece Travel Guide

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  • Have you ever visited the Greek Islands? Share with us your experience if you have been!
  • Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before travelling.
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Greece Travel Guide
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