Adidas Parley shoes made from recycled ocean plastic

Adidas Parleys

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Plastic is an important discussion considering all the negative impacts it has been causing over time. We have discussed how to reduce plastic in your daily life and also how to be a better sustainable traveller by avoiding plastic. There are other ways to also make a difference and it is through spreading awareness. Be it by discussing about it to your circle of people, sharing articles raising this subject and also supporting good causes created by companies.

One of the biggest sporting brands we support, Adidas, has partnered up with Parley for the Oceans to create shoes by recycling millions of pounds of plastic that is currently polluting our oceans. They basically upcycled waste from beaches and coastal communities and intercepted before it has reached the ocean.

You might wonder why we should support to the economy of these companies? Isn’t it marketing and more profits for them? It may be for some companies, but remind yourself they have been helping in preventing all that plastic from ending up in sea turtles stomachs (even ours!) and most of them are actually sharing profits to support good causes.

In the end, you are also spreading the awareness by using these sustainable products and companies that are actually trying to make a change. Just choose wisely who you support.

In saying all that, we received from Adidas 2 pairs of Adidas x Parley shoes and we absolutely like them. Other than the fact that the light pairs get dirty insanely fast after wearing them once (we are not precious with our shoes), they are very stylized, comfortable and light too! They’re made with Adidas Boost technology as well which provides very high energy returns for runners and make you feel like you are walking on clouds.

They’re unfortunately not available in stores in the UAE, but if you sneak in an order from friends that can put hands on them for you, they cost 200$US, which is a very affordable price considering the brand name, quality, technology and cause behind it.

Adidas Parleys Adidas Parleys


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