Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

One of our favourite places in Singapore is the MO Bar, located on the 4th level of the famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The MO Bar Afternoon Tea Experience is certainly one to try out and enjoy. They focus on comfort and creative treats (sweet and savoury) and combining them incredible teas, cocktails and champagne as well. With a great view of the city and the rolling storm coming in, we study the menu to work out what is coming in anticipation of our tastebuds.

Tea at the MO Bar Afternoon Tea Experience

The afternoon tea has some exclusive and raw teas from south-east Asian regions such as Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Polynesian Islands, Spain, Sri Lanka, USA and Vietnam.

We are greeted with a massive tea selection such as Malabar OP, Saicho Tea, White Knight Tea, Malacca Gold, Spic Island Navigators Tea and Blue Lotus. So if you are a tea lover, or just ambitious and want to try something new, they have the selection for you. We are adventurous so we go with the Mandarin Special Tea recommended by the staff.  

There is an extensive combination of sweet and savoury on the food selection list to satisfy anyone’s cravings. Thuymi is the Savory Queen and I am the Sweet King, so we are immediately pleased with the plating.

Food at the MO Bar Afternoon Tea Experience

The first starting dish that comes out is the Lemongrass Pineapple Granita with Coconut Kaffir Emulsion. I didn’t know it was a cold dish and of course scooped it straight in my mouth for a solid brain freeze. It is an unusual combination but full of flavour. Our first dish coming out is the Tandoori Chicken Rice Paper Rolls with Yogurt Raita, Potato, Citrus mayo and Chicken floss. These are only bite-size pieces but jam-packed with plenty going on inside the dish. The only issue with this is that there is not enough of it.

Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

The Main plating came out with both the sweet and savoury arriving at the same time. Our savoury dish consists of Waygu pastrami with kyruizke and tonkatsu mayo. This is half a sandwich and the pastrami is just right. The Black truffle egg Mimosa, consisting of kueh pie te and chives is a bite-size piece that is creamy and has a great truffle taste that is not too strong and overbearing, just right. The Lobster Roll Maine lobster with ikura, in a mini brioche roll, is small and would love to have several more of these treats.

Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

My favourite plate, the sweets tray is the next one we attack. The Yuzu tart with Almond Frangipani with the citrus foam is the first one we try. The Yuzu is a strong taste so great if you like it you are in for a treat.

One of the more interesting desserts is the Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse with banana cremeux and chocolate ‘pain de genes.’ The mousse is smooth but certainly is a unique taste with the Tea aftertaste.

The Baked soft cheesecake with vanilla crème Fraiche is definitely Mitch’s favourite. The bottom biscuit is the usual cheesecake feel but is much lighter than what we are normally used to.

Thuymi’s favourite dish is the Nutty Pistachio choux, in fact, she even ate half of mine as well! I am personally not a huge fan of Pisctacho so Thuymi got to have extra of her favourite.

And what is an Afternoon tea without scones? The Chocolate and Vanilla scone are, as always, an absolute treat and a great way to fill up at the end of the experience. Vanilla Scones are of course the go-to, but Chocolate is something creative and different. To finish off the Afternoon Tea, we have some Praline Chocolate just to finish the dish which is both a white and dark chocolate treat.

Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore
Afternoon Tea Experience at MO Bar, Mandarin Oriental Singapore

How much does the MO Bar Afternoon Tea Experience Cost?

For the basic Afternoon Tea package, it costs SG$48 per person or SG$88 for 2 pax. The prices changes to SG$65 if you go for a mocktail/cocktail and SG$68 per person if you go for one glass of “R” de Ruinart Champagne. If you are one for view, make sure you try and get a table neat the massive glass windows which overlook the city.

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