Eat in Dubai: Andalusia

Are you like me and LOVE trying everything on a menu? Buffets and tapas places are totally my kind of places! At Andalusia, they serve a mix of flavours, which was perfect for us as we opted for the Tapas Bonanza – 12 items to share, perfect for 2 at 198AED. We were 3 and it was definitely enough! We ordered an extra meat dish and clearly had enough for lunch for one for the next day!

Among the dishes, count in labneh, hummous, pita bread, tabouleh, paella, spicy rice, lentil dip, eggplant fatteh, couscous, chicken tajine, mergez pot, grilled calamari, cuttle fish, empanadas, etc – we recommend this 100% if you love to try several bites

Recommended drinks

  • Punch pitchers (750ML): Selena Sangria, Combination of fresh fruits and sparkling grape drink (72AED)
  • Bertin’s signature mixology: Bertin’s Sprintzer , Mouthwatering combination of Mint and Rasberry (29AED)
  • Acal Berry Cleanse: Detox Drink, Lemon, red hot chilli pepper and honey (35AED)
  • The Moroccan tea

Recommended desserts

  • Pain Perdu, freshly baked w/ orangette & caramel fleur de sel (59AED)
  • Fondant Fantastic w/ ice cream (64AED)

Finding Andalusia can be challenging, it doesn’t appear on Google Maps so you can search for Bertin instead. Same for signs, look for Bertin, and the restaurant is on top of it. It is located just next to Jones the Grocer if that can help!

Street 21B, 75870, Al Manara, Opposite Times Square, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa, Dubai, UAE

Andalusian Mix Grill – 85AED – Not our favourite as it was a bit dry 🙁
Pain Perdu, freshly baked w/ orangette & caramel fleur de sel & Fondant Fantastic served w/ ice cream, both sooooo delicious

Ma'a as-salaama

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