Aquatrek: Swim with the sharks and mantas at the Atlantis Dubai

Swimming under water in Dubai

Ever dreamed of swimming with the sharks or simply being under water with the sea life? Well in Dubai, at the Atlantis The Palm Dubai, you can not only dive in the majestic tank, you can also do an “Aqua Trek”, which you won’t even need to know how to swim or how to dive in water! It is literally trekking (walking) underwater, whilst wearing an astronaut-like helmet with air pumped in so your head won’t even get wet!

Dubai is always known for its extreme and cool things to do. From desert camping and building artificial palm tree islands, Dubai has got it all. So hurry up and plan a trip here to experience it all, including the Aqua Trek. The Atlantis on the Palm is one of the must see attractions when you come to Dubai. Not only is it a huge and glitzy hotel, they also have delicious Michelin star restaurants, a world class water park, a beach side and helicopter rides.

Your head won’t even get wet underwater

The process is simple and nearly anyone can do it. You do not have to have any diving experience at all and this is what makes this special. You can enter downstairs in the main section and there will be a counter where you pay and get briefed on the basic safety issues after being escorted to the entrance of the activity. You will put on a wetsuit, given some crocs (footwear) and before entering the water, they will install the helmet on your shoulders. The most unique feature of the dive is the helmet for sure! Normally a dive would mean lots of training, scuba equipment and hours of preparation but this is super simple and it is amazing that your head won’t even get wet because of physics. In a nutshell, this helmet acts exactly like a reverse fishbowl. You just place it on your head and the water pressure keeps the water you and the air in.

How is the Aqua Trek experience?

They take you down slowly under the water so you feel comfortable. To be honest I was pretty nervous about going under without any breathing equipment but it was so much safer and better than I thought. We got taken several meters under water (we are about 2 meters deep) and the water was teeming with sea life. We were looking for the sharks and suddenly they were there. They circled around us slowly.
There is someone always guiding you around and showing you where special sea life is around you like sharks and other giant mantas. A photographer is also underwater to take some cool souvenirs underwater.

Atlantis Dubai AquaTrek
Casually “walking” beside this big underwater beauty!

Can I bring my phone in the Aqua Trek?

You won’t go too deep so definitely bring your phone underwater if you have a waterproof case. The Atlantis also sell a case if you want to bring it down. Note that you have to click record prior to do down as you will lose the touch once under. Don’t forget to decide if you will go vertical or horizontal for the whole underwater journey.

Can I bring my GoPro in the Aqua Trek?

You are open to bring any of your underwater cameras. We made sure to bring down our GoPro, wrapped with our Split Dome to make sure to have a clear image. Not get out there and go enjoy your adventure underwater! Again, note that no pre-training is required to do the activity and anyone over 8 years old can do it. Note that it is 4 guests per session as well.

Ma'a as-salaama

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