Atlas Bar Singapore a “Sense of Place” cocktail menu

The iconic Atlas Bar resembles more of a Gotham City relic than a bar in the heart of Singapore. But do not be confused by its façade, this place sure knows how to make good cocktails. The grand Art Deco lobby resemble Europe and bring their rich culinary and beverage traditions. The ATLAS bar is also known for its epic Gin collection, housing the largest gin collection in the world with over 1300 bottles from all over the globe. This is worth the visit in itself. 

Atlas is a very popular bar so you will definitely have to ideally book it is in advance. Walk-in at your own risk! If you are showing people around in Singapore, this is a destination you need to take them here.

With Jesse Vida running the show, you will have a range of traditional and modern cocktails to enjoy.  ATLAS has created a new Art Deco-inspired menu that is now available. The menu explores the influence of European Art Deco architecture by creating connections of inspiration all over the world. 

As Jesse Vida, ATLAS Head Bartender. “We wanted to connect our guests to the architecture of ATLAS and many grand Art Deco landmarks through our cocktails. We  look forward to welcoming guests to ATLAS and for them to explore their connections to these  magnificent structures.” 

The Sense of Place menu is broken down into seven different segments. Each of their sections come with a unique and beautiful illustration of a European Art Deco landmark. These are all fantastic drawings and match with the drinks. From the iconic Battersea Power Station and Teatro Éden, to lesser-known examples of Art Deco architecture such as the Helsinki Central Station.

The drinks themselves are an absolute treat, so we suggest that you slowly enjoy each one throughout the night. We went through each one (well we shared them) and enjoyed the ambience of Atlas.

Chapter One: Luminary Landmark (No-Alcohol) 

The opening chapter of the menu captures the glamour of Art Deco architecture with Parkview Square where ATLAS resides. Inspired by the era’s greatest cities, it serves as a stunning portal to the European destinations it was inspired by.  

ATLAS invites guests to partake in a world-class cocktail experience, even if they are refraining from alcohol. Luminary Landmark – a wholly No-Alcohol chapter – features four complex and balanced drinks created with the same thoughtful consideration paid to flavour as their alcoholic counterparts.  

Inspired by the motifs representing Singapore, Vanda Mist (S$12) is a bittersweet, creamy no-alcohol cocktail with fresh grapefruit, almond syrup, salt, cinnamon and cream served on crushed ice. 

Chapter Two: Dreaming In The Dark 

Dreaming In The Dark brings guests to the charming Teatro Éden in Lisbon, Portugal, in the city’s historic square, Praça dos Restauradores. During its heyday in the 1930s, crowds would clamour to watch the latest silent films in this fine Art Deco theatre designed by notable Portuguese architect  Cassiano Branco. This chapter celebrates the golden age of film and pays homage to the salmon-pink façade of Teatro Éden and its bustling neighbourhood. 

A milk punch based on yoghurt, Arcade Melon (S$22) made with London dry gin, orange liqueur,  port, cinnamon, clarified milk, and cantaloupe is inspired by the early days of Teatro Éden when it was home to a market. Enjoy the soft fruit-forward flavour of melon, commonly enjoyed during the summer in Portugal. 

Chapter Three: Promise of Progress 

Travel to the heart of Madrid, and visit one of the first skyscrapers to rise in Spain during the Literary  Silver Age, the Edificio de la Unión y el Fénix Español. Its crowning phoenix perched atop the  summit of the building, a sign of rebirth and new opportunities

Enjoy the effervescent Sun Gate Spritz (S$23), a low-ABV cocktail with a raspberry-infused sherry blend, dry vermouth, peach, a housemade rosemary syrup, and royal botanic tonic, garnished with a  chocolate fragment with freeze-dried raspberries. Light, tart and a perfect warm-weather cocktail. 

Chapter Four: Emporium of Hope 

La Samaritaine revolutionised the shopping experience, making its labyrinthine aisles of ready-to-wear accessible to all. Parisians were hopeful during the economic growth of the Second Empire, and  Samaritaine became an avenue connecting people across social and intergenerational divides,  declaring that style is a right, not a privilege. 

Pont Neuf Daisy (S$25), named for the oldest standing bridge in Paris, features a blue cheese infused cognac and calvados made with apples from Normandy, grappa, plum, elderflower and fresh lemon juice and garnished with elderflower dust. Savoury, fresh and tart. 

Chapter Five: Palace of Peace 

The National Basilica Of The Sacred Heart from Brussels, Belgium, is a magnificent church with a  distinctive copper green dome that sits atop the Brussels skyline on Koekelberg Hill, a city within a city.  The architectural design by Albert Van Huffel won the Grand Prix at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, the seminal world fair that marked the birth of Art Deco.  

Sunset Hill (S$24), the first drink of the story references the stunning view from the Koekelberg hill where the Basilica stands, mezcal, pear, gentian, curry leaf, lemon and aer. Savoury, refreshing, with a  hint of smoke. 

Chapter Six: Electric Powerhouse 

Battersea Power Station is an iconic landmark of London, generating energy that powered  Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament during its early days. In 1977, a rouge inflatable pig escaped from its tether during a Pink Floyd album cover shoot, halting air traffic and forever cementing its status as part of the city’s indelible history.  

During WWII, pilots used the smoke plumes from the iconic cylindrical chimneys as a beacon home.  This inspires Vapour Guide (S$25), peach oolong-infused American vodka, English gin, bianco vermouth, rosé aperitif. Spirit-forward and herbaceous. 

Chapter Seven: Men of The Future 

Experience the romance of rail travel with the final chapter, Helsinki Central  Station in Finland designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1919, a modern structure that was well ahead of its time. The Helsinki Central Station with its Finnish granite façade is guarded by four stone giants bearing glowing lanterns in their stone hands.

Anethum Granite (S$24), the first cocktail from the chapter features an aquavit base made in-house by infusing vodka with juniper, peppercorn, cumin, fennel, caraway, cardamom and lemon. Garnished with a delicate fennel frond, it is bold, savoury and bittersweet. 

It is pretty difficult to choose which drink is our favourite, so we suggest that you try them all as we did! The bar staff really took the time to explain the conception of each drink and how they relate to each of the architecture around the world.

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