Temples to go see in Bangkok: Wat Arun

There’s a debate as to what is the best temple in Bangkok and this one is regularly in the conversation. Situated on the West bank of the Chao Phraya River, Wat Arun is a gorgeous temple surrounded by gardens.

It has a different look to it compared to the other temples in the area and the fact that it overlooks the Grand palace and Wat Pho from the other side of the water makes it even more special.

The best time to come visit here is in the opening hours 8-9 PM before the crowds, but we personally found that coming in at the golden hour around 5-6 PM, we had the whole place to ourselves. Not to mention, the colors are wonderful for the photos!

Make sure you see this in conjunction with Wat Pho, as they are only a 4 baht Boat ride across the river.

Wat Arun

The Key information about Wat Arun

Opening Hours of Wat Arun: 8 AM-6 PM
Price: 50 Baht entry fee
Dress Code: No singlets or shorts above knees

Insiders tip: Catch the boat from Tha Thien Pier for only 4 baht back to the other side (where Wat Pho is). 100 meters from the pier is a great little café/food joint called Home Café which has fast wifi and great food!

Temples to visit in Bangkok

Temples to visit in Bangkok
Temples to visit in Bangkok

Temples to visit in Bangkok

Temples to visit in Bangkok

  • Have you ever visited Bangkok? What are the temples you like the most in the big city?
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Temples to visit in Bangkok
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