BAO by CÉ LA VI: Singapore’s biggest baos


BAO by CÉ LA VI launches in Singapore after a successful launch at CÉ LA VI Tokyo in 2019. This new fast and casual dining concept includes signature and Singapore special juicy Baos, paired with thick-cut fries, that can be enjoyed with delicious cocktails overlooking the breath-taking panorama of the city skyline.


The Bao burgers don’t deceive, they are juicy, BIG and offer a tantalizing fusion between Asian bao and western burgers. It was inspired by the fluffy bao popular in Taiwan, Japan and China. Group Executive Chef Joey Sergentakis is the man behind this and is quite delighted to roll out the Bao burger concept in Singapore.


The bao buns are homemade, steamed to order and seared on a hot cast iron pan on one side to achieve a crispy, caramelized interior while maintaining the soft pillowy Bao exterior.

The BAO by CÉ LA VI menu draws inspiration from flavours across Asia, featuring seven tantalizing Bao combinations loaded up with sustainably- sourced, antibiotic- and hormone-free ingredients.

Find the on the menu the:
– Black Angus BBQ Beef (S$16)
– Truffle Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki (S$22)
– Chicken Karaage (S$15)
– Salted Egg-Crispy Prawn (S$16)
– Tempura Sea Bass (S$18)
– Iberico Pork Char Siu (S$18)
– Sichuan Eggplant (S$14) that is Vegetarian-friendly

The Bao burgers are complemented with hand-cut fries, accompanied by delicious dips and toppings:
– BBQ spice (S$10)
– Truffle essence with grated parmigiana (S$18)
– Furikake served with a wasabi Aioli kick (S$12)

If you still feel hungry and don’t want another Bao, find on the menu some small bites, such as Boneless Korean Fried Chicken with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds and yoghurt (S$18) or the Crispy Pork Belly Dumplings with ginger, garlic and chilli oil (S$18).

CÉ LA VI is offering a special launch promotion of a Bao and beer for S$25, with a selection of the Iberico Pork Char Siu or Sichuan Eggplant bao paired with Asahi Super Dry. BAO by CÉ LA VI is also available on Foodpanda, Grab and Oddle for self-collection or delivery.

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