Eat in Dubai: If you love meat, you can’t miss a visit to Beefbar Dubai

Beefbar Dubai

For those who love their meat, you tend to plan a steakhouse night or maybe some Korean BBQ. We can vouch that if you really are a meat connoisseur, you cannot miss to pay a visit at the Beefbar, recently opened in February 2018.

Where is Beefbar Dubai

It is located in DIFC, the downtown side of Dubai and more specifically in the Al Fattan Currency House. If you are a Dubai resident, you will know the area more for having the location in the same building as Dusty’s, which will also offer you free valet parking. Do not forget to validate on the way out!

Style and looks of Beefbar Dubai

Beefbar has its origins from the founding restaurant in Monte Carlo. Beefbar Dubai looks quite similar to all the other ones internationally with a clean and classic interior design. The lights aren’t too dimmed so it’s perfect to be able to take a few photos without flash! There is a large bar, enough to seat around 10-12 people around. On the other side of the restaurant is an open kitchen setting where you can see your food being made and plated.

Beefbar Dubai

Eating at Beefbar Dubai

Just like all Beefbar’s, Dubai’s outlet has its own unique selection of “Dubai street food exclusives” which is not served at any other Beefbar’s internationally. Ideally, we suggest you to pick two to three of them for a good starters experience. Moving on, if you are two people dining, consider to share a big meat selection with plenty of sides or try two different cuts and go no more than three sides if you are type that doesn’t like to waste food.

Beefbar Dubai

Eating at Beefbar isn’t just like going to your regular steakhouse. The meat is treated in an unique Beefbar style, which is ritual of secret seasoning recipe, then that piece would be going through a few steps of cooking style. Other than the Japanese Kobe that is great by itself so they avoid cooking it through that process, all other cuts will go under that cooking style and you will surely taste the succulent flavours.

Beefbar Dubai

For desserts, you should not fail to order anything else than one of their soufflés. It took us quite a while to be convinced, because we were so full and thought that a soufflé to share was too big, but come one, wake up, it’s a soufflé! Was just the perfect size!

Beefbar Dubai

Beefbar Dubai quick review

This place is ideal for going on a date and/or getting your quality meat fix
The service is overly enjoyable. The staff all know what we are eating, proper banter, good chat and are so quick to always tidy up.
The food you need to order is the gyoza and shawarma (not any kind) for starters and for meats, you can pretty much chose what you like, their way of cooking is unique and they can also recommend things for you.
We loved the fact that you get some amuse bouche instead of filling bread. The Australian Entre-cote is a must!
We didn’t like that people next to us ended up smoking, but fair enough, we didn’t ask for a non-smoking area.
Bill for two 800-1000 AED (~215$US) if you go full fledge starters, mains, 3 sides and one dessert to share

Al Fattan Currency House, DIFC, Dubai, UAE | +971 4 352 2223
Open daily from 7 PM to 1 AM (Last order at 1 AM on Thursday & Friday)

Beefbar Dubai

Ma'a as-salaama

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