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Boxing in Singapore

Are you looking for places to train in Serangoon Gardens? You won’t be missing out on options as there are many Fitness Centres and Gyms in Serangoon Gardens. If you like Yoga, Martial Arts, Pilates or Boxing, you will have pretty much the options to you!

For the people looking for just a simple gym in Serangoon Gardens

If you want a simple gym with all the equipment because you are quite savvy to know what to do yourself with your own routine and program, Anytime Fitness with be your neighbourhood 24-hour gym! It offers some classes too so you can attend those if you prefer to be assisted by a coach. Anytime Fitness Serangoon Garden Price for membership is S$145 but when you sign up, you will need to pay a non-refundable S$75 which they call the key deposit. If you are women-only and you rather an all-women gym, more south of Serangoon Gardens there is Contours Express. It is located at the Serangoon MTR, very near to NEX.

For the people looking for a quick calorie burner under an hour in Serangoon Gardens

If a quick workout is what you are after but still want to work pretty hard, you are in luck, the popular F45 concept is in the area! Also if you are into a hard sweaty workout, this concept is definitely yours. F45 Training is a team-based, functional training facility that places a huge emphasis on the ‘three key factors’ of motivation, innovation and results. You will be not only working out with an instructor but also screens that will help you through the whole sessions.

For the people looking for a cardio workout in Serangoon Gardens

A bit far out from the Serangoon Gardens centre but quite good for their focus on HITT workouts, Extremer Gym will make you work quite hard! If F45 is not the right fit for you and you want something a bit more rustic, simple but hard, then consider this place. If you rather stay near your favourite Chomp Chomp Hawker centre for an evening snack, you can consider Spartans Boxing Club Serangoon Gardens which is opening as their 4th location in Singapore. Not only they will be the only Boxing Club in Serangoon Gardens, but they also will offer HITT classes, Boxing for Kids, Yoga and are a great community-based club. Keep your eyes out for their opening!

For the people looking for core development training

Working your core isn’t by simply doing the plank every day and ab workouts! Sometimes working out doesn’t need to be all cardio, there are more “chill” ways to work on your core and that’s with pilates or reformer. Pilates Fitness is in Serangoon Gardens and offers exactly that. This practice will help you improve your posture and, not only working on your core, will tone your whole body. Classes are often in a small group session. Rates are quite expensive and won’t be the type of place where you sign up for the month for unlimited classes. start at $35 per class. There is a compulsory attendance to their Reformer/Chair Introduction Class if you have not attended any at Pilates Fitness before, which can be time-consuming as it is mandatory regardless of your experience with Pilates Reformers at other studios, but we can see the reason why they do it because some other studios can have different equipment to theirs. More south of the Serangoon Gardens Centre, there is also Reform Chiropractic, both studios which you can book via Classpass if you have a membership.

For the people that like spinning in Serangoon Gardens

Test your cardio with spinning! Located further than in the heart of Serangoon Gardens, there is Sync Cycle which you attend if you love spinning. It will be a full-body workout and quite an energetic one! Think A LOT of movements and going hard on a bike. If you really work hard and actually follow the class, you will be sure to burn around 500 calories!

For the people that want to do martial arts or boxing in Serangoon Gardens

If you want to learn something new, you can consider Kickmatics Taekwondo right in the Serangoon Gardens centre. If you are into Muay Thai, you will need to go further south at Muay Art Fitness and you are pretty much out away from the Gardens. If you like boxing or have an eye for the sport just to get fit, there is Spartans Serangoon Gardens Boxing Club which is a friendly Boxing Club for all ages to learn for fun or to fight seriously as their boxing coaches are all fighters. The Boxing Club is already quite popular with their two active gyms, attracting a lot of people and kids learning to fight. To get more information about their opening soon, you can sign up to their form right here.

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