Best Places to have Ice Cream in Montreal

Best ice cream in montreal

Montreal is known for its incredibly diverse range of food and dining options. With a plethora of cultural influences, every night you can be eating from somewhere different around the world. So it is no surprise they have so many ice creams shops to satisfy your craving any time of the day. Check out our list of the top ice creams in Montreal. In no particular order, let’s start this list and if you are vegan, you might want to read Where To Find Vegan Ice Cream In Montreal.

Kem CoBa

60 Fairmount Avenue West | (514) 419-1699
One of the most popular ice cream shops in Montreal, and with good reason, Kem CoBa is based on several Vietnamese ice cream flavours, so you know it’s going to taste good.  There will be a line up no doubt so get there fast, especially in the summer. There was even a twitter account created to monitor the size of the line!


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Crèmerie Pandan

3504 Boulevard Notre-Dame West | (514) 588-6501
Located on Notre-Dame, Padan is another Asian inspired dessert store that has a huge range of delicious desserts so make sure you try the special custom-designed rolled ice cream that is so creamy and tasty! They also use a wide range of seasonal fruits and never dd any extra preservatives into the ice cream.


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Dalla Rose

4609 Notre-Dame Street West | (514) 846-1555
Located in the St-Henri hood, the shop has 10 flavours and includes vegan options, so its pretty much good for everyone! These guys specialize in handmade ice-cream and cookies so you know you are on to a winner!


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Havre Aux Glaces

7070 Henri-Julien Street | (514) 278-8696
Located in the Jean-Talon Market in the Villeray-Saint-Michel neighbourhood, this shop serves good old classic ice cream with the best ingredients around. It will be an excuse for you to visit this cute market in Montreal! They also serve sorbets and other frozen treats. Simple, everything comes in 3 sizes so depending on your appetite, they have something for you.


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1190 St-Catherine East Street | (514) 303-0550
Located in the Village, Kamehameha has a strong Hawaiian influence with plenty of other food also available here. One of the coolest things about this place is that you can eat an ice-cream in a fish-shaped cone with a ton of flavours to mix and match. Now that is a truly unique opportunity!


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Ca Lem Montreal

6926 Sherbrooke West Street | (514) 500-8155
Certainly, one of the most colourful ice cream place in Montreal, Ca Lem is known for their creativity with ice creams with a mixture of creative, classic and vegan options as well. Did you say Peanut butter, jelly swirls?


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La Diperie

Another classic ice cream joint you can’t miss if you are in Montreal, come try out the Diperie! There are three locations so you can look up on Google Maps which one is the closest to you!


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Le BlueBoy

150 Mont-Royal East Avenue | (438) 383-4034
Bring your camera and get ready to take plenty of Instagrammable pictures here! Make sure you check out the taro flavoured ice-cream and get the churros as well, they really compliment the ice-cream! Spots are limited, especially on a summer day, we recommend to take your rice icecream for a walk to the park!


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Les Papi Churros

1201 Sainte-Catherine East | (514) 999-5190
Hold my ice cream, at Les Papi Churros, you can find ice cream with a Churros mad cone, W-I-N-N-I-N-G!


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L’Armoire à Glaces

6220 St Hubert Street | (514) 276-0777
A really cute spot and you can try many curious flavours too! If you are vega, this is the ice cream shop for you.


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Shack Attakk

535 Boulevard Sir-Wilfrid-Laurier | (450) 339-3903
Special mention, this one is located in the Mont-Saint-Hilaire area of the Greater region Montreal, which means you basically get off the actual island of Montreal, but if you are really a fan of food and looking full a full meal, burgers, shakes, poutine to go with your dessert, then this is the place for you. They are now also selling beer, wine and Canada’s favourite poutine too! Most of the ice cream is under 5$CA and most of the burgers are priced under 10$CA.


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