How to book a good Kenya Safari

How to Book a Safari in Kenya
How to Book a Safari in Kenya

Heading away for an African Safari? The AdventureFaktory team has just completed it, so we have the inside knowledge for you on how to pick your tour company!

1) Choose the National Park you want to go to

There are many available. We opted for the most popular one to observe Masai Mara National Park. It is the most popular due it as the home of the migration, but there are ample options in Kenya. Lots of tours visit several different parks if you want an extended trip.

How to Book a Safari in Kenya
Many companies do Safaris!

2) Set your budget per person

Many options are out there at many prices that can go well over 1500 USD per person. Set your expectations, do you want to have your private tour or you are ok with being with other people?
In our case we have set our budget to 500 USD per person for a group tour. We were lucky enough to be the only ones that departed that day so basically had a private tour! When thinking about your budget, please remember some extra food and tips are not included so find that out early. Usually tipping rate is about $10USD a day on a private tour. We usually tip pending on the quality of trip.

How to Book a Safari in Kenya
3) How many days are you willing to do?

With that comes many questions. Is one full day enough for you at the National Park?
Do you want to have the time to visit villages and lakes?
We had 4 days so we did our research for tours that offered 4 day packages. We found that 4 days was long enough to have a big visit in the park, plus see the surrounding sites. Maybe 5 would have been perfect.

How to Book a Safari in Kenya
4) Pick a tour company that knows their Parks!

While researching, we made sure to have touring companies that had experienced drivers. Those that knows shortcuts, timings and etc. Our guide has shown us all the 4/5 big fives, we saw Lions eating out a buffalo, Elephants, Leopards, but not Rhinos. We pretty much saw everything except them!

Check out this website that gives honest feedback on tours:

How to Book a Safari in Kenya

How to Book a Safari in Kenya
Masai Mara!

  • Have you been to Africa? Share with us your thoughts and if you want to go!
  • Don’t forget to book your travel insurance before travelling!

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