Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls: Feel the rush!

Things to do in Victoria Falls Zambia
Walk from the hotel to the border – bring your passport!

If you are visiting Zambia, you must go on the world’s greatest bungee jump, the famous Victoria Falls Bridge. Feel four seconds of freefall and 111 meters of pure adrenalin! Doing a massive bungee jump was always something to tick off of our bucket list and we figured that we couldn’t miss the chance of doing this iconic jump in Victoria Falls!

Things to bring for you Bungee Jump at Victoria Falls

  • Must bring your passport
  • Must be at least 14 years old and if you are under 18 years old you need parental written consent
  • Everyone is screened by the crew on your fitness
  • You must advise the team of any medical problems and past injuries
  • The minimum weight is 40KG and the maximum weight is 140KG
  • The site operates daily from 9:00 AM but it is subject to the weather conditions

The process of the Bungee Jump at Victoria Falls

If you are not staying at either of the two hotels (Avani or The Royal Livingstone), you will have to take a taxi to the venue to the bridge that you jump from, passport pass formalities and register. You then get weighed, then sign the standard liability waiver stating explicitly that any injuries/death are on you and you alone. Classic!

When you get prepped for the bungee, you sit and watch as a guy wraps towels (Yes people, TOWELS) around each of your legs. Then he wraps a bigger one around both your legs before tightening the bungee strap above the ankles.  Finally, you will be attached a 2nd safety rope at your waist. You then casually sort of bunny hop to the edge and wait for your cue and Jump! Our advice would be to not look down, but I obviously did look down and questioned myself why I did it haha! It was such an exhilarating moment and I enjoyed every bit of it! As for Mitch, he is kind of not a fan of heights, did it anyway and obviously felt like crap the rest of the day. It was a great feeling, but his body didn’t feel like that hit! Probably didn’t help that after the jump, he twirled so much! At least, it is out of the way now! You definitely need to do it whether you are scared of heights or now, it is a bucket list activity to do and it would be great for you to face your fears like Mitch did!

Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Just waiting on our briefing.
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
For those not jumping, you can stay and have a feed at the Bridge Cafe which is on the Zambia side.
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Pricing packages as of 2019
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
These straps are all for the Zipline! Quite a wonderful view to slide all the way from Zambia to Zimbabwe.
Things to do in Victoria Falls Zambia
That cord you see there in the photo on the left is the zipline cable!
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
You technically enter and exit Zimbabwe three times if you do the zipline, swing AND the bungee jump haha!
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Getting strapped up – almost ready for the big leap!
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Bungee Jumping in Victoria Falls
Once you stop spinning, a staff goes down to pick you up under the bridge where you will walk back up on the bridge and walk back.
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