What is like to eat beavertails for the first time

There are certain things Canadians miss and crave for when they’re away from the motherland. Poutine, Squeaky Cheese Curds, Maple Syrup, Clamato Juice and of course, BEAVERTAILS PASTRY!

As an Australian, Mitch never heard anything like it before. It s his first time in Canada, so it’s a no brainer to drive him all the way to the Montreal Old Port to grab some delicious BeaverTails Pastry.


Mitch goes: “BeaverTails?! Are you kidding me?”
Coming from Asia, I could see the confusion and the fear of eating actual beaver tails…
Thuymi: “No worries, you will see, it’s delicious!”

So we tried my all time favorite the Killaloe (Cinnamon, Sugar & Lemon), and got Mitch some Oreo toppings.

BeaverTails Pastry are fried dough pieces that you can chose to add various types of toppings on. We decided we had to try them all, so with the collaboration of the awesome BeaverTails Team we made this tasting session happen!

We went and visited the Montreal Old Port BeaverTails Pastry shop again, where the lovely staff (Peyton) cooked us up some world famous pastry for the tasting. Before we got stuck in, she also gave us some Poutine to get the palette ready (we are eating poutine EVERYWHERE the location’s serving some, post to come soon!). Then it was time.

I think this is the 15th poutine we have tried in Quebec Province so far!


To the left is The Avalanche, Mitch’s favorite and to the right is The Oreo!
Decisions, decisions, which one to attack first?
He is going for it!

Mitch’s favorite after the tasting is The Avalanche. Go try them out, they are in Montreal, but also in Dubai in the UAE! Sweet goodness, thanks to the Beavertails Team for making this tasting session happen.

Au revoir!

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