Discover the best of Vietnam with the AdventureFaktory Team! After living in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) for 2 years, let us show you the best the country has to offer! For more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Street Food Tour in Saigon


Discovering street food on your own without guidance can be a challenge. You don’t know which are the good ones that won’t make you sick. One thing that everyone who…

Saigon Cafes: The Loop


Once in a while we go to The Loop to do some work. It’s never crowded when we go so it’s perfect to do some work done! The Loop Address:…

Transportation in Vietnam - Xit Lo

Transportation in Vietnam


We hate scammers. Nothing makes us more angry when a friend or family member gets scammed. When we catch someone out on a scam, we are very quick to remind…

ANZAC Day footy in Vietnam


I wont write too much regarding the day, I will let the photos do the talking. A big thanks to Thuymi Do  @thuymi27 for taking the majority of quality pictures….

Saigon Cafes: Loft Cafe


That big clock you see in Instagram pictures in #somewhereinsaigon… well it’s at Loft Cafe. Tucked in this block on Ly Tu Trong greeted by an Art gallery, once you…

Saigon Street Food: Bo Kho


Bò Kho isn’t the most well-known soup for visitors of Vietnam. Same broth color as the Bun Bo Hue, Bo Kho is beef stewed with tomato, star anise and lemongrass, served in 3…