Bounty Beats - Vegan in Dubai

Vegan in Dubai: Bounty Beats


With the rise of demand for healthy eating and veganism, Bounty Beats hits the spot with a menu full of healthy options including plant-based options for those who are vegan….

Vegan Restaurant in Dubai, Life N One Vegan

Vegan in Dubai: SEVA


If you are a Dubai resident and that you are vegan, you probably know Life N One, which now has been rebranded as SEVA. Same ownership, just some additions in…

Street Food Tour in Saigon


Discovering street food on your own without guidance can be a challenge. You don’t know which are the good ones that won’t make you sick. One thing that everyone who…

Snowbird Tiki Bar montreal

A taste of Hawaii, in Montreal


Feeling like escaping Montreal? Stuck at work and have no vacation anytime soon? We got you covered. Snowbird Tiki Bar is a trendy spot in Montreal with an Instagram worthy…

Where to eat seafood in Dubai

Eat in Dubai: Catch


This place is ideal for afterwork drinks followed with dinner or friends gathering. The service is excellent The food you need to order is the Spicy Crab Pasta We loved ambiance of…