Choosing my USA sport teams

Choosing my USA sport teams

Sport is my life. Everything I do is based around playing, watching, commentating, reviewing and coaching it. Any sport. Pick it and I know something about it to chat for hours with you. So naturally, I support teams in all leagues, all codes all over the world.

I first showed interest American sport in 2002 due to my ever traveling high school best mate. There were so many sports and even more teams, so I was totally confused as to what team to follow. In my home country Australia, it is a little more simple; your family follow a team or just support the team in the city you live or were born in.

Since I had never been to the USA, I had no alliance to a team. One of my other friends always supports the first team he goes and watches when he visits. In 2002 I had not even contemplated going to USA, so I randomly picked a city- and San Francisco was it.

Back then, as a young fella, things were not always roses for the Bay Area teams. Jeff Garcia led the San Francisco 49er’s to a winning season that struggled late in the season, the Golden State Warriors had a losing season and the Giants baseball managed to make the World Series but lost in 7 games.

There was something gritty about the Bay teams that made me instantly want to support them. Ever since 2002, I have been watching games (mostly on TV, late night reviews and ESPN) The last few years I have managed to get the time off to see my teams in action and have been very lucky to currently have 2 world champion teams in San Fran!!

So tell us your story, why are you supporting your teams?


Golden State Warriors game

Giants game in San Francisco

Giants game in San Francisco


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