Christmas Celebrations at Winestone, Singapore

Christmas Celebrations at Winestone

Working in collaboration with four local makers, Winestone has a series of festive cocktails from a Sengkand mixologist, wine hampers and fresh cheese for you to try and is definitely enough to make anyone’s mouth water. These new offerings are just in time for the festive season coming up. We have already tested and raved about the regular menu at Winestone, so have come to try the Christmas experience to see if it is up to the hype. 

This new menu also comes as Winestone is celebrating the recent achievement of securing the Singapore Environment Council’s (SEC) Eco F&B certification. This certification was awarded in recognition of the restaurant’s efforts in sustainability. We are privy to a media menu and we are enjoying the four courses special of the pepper tuna salad, seafood bisque, MS2 ribeye, fresh sea perch and molten chocolate log cake. So time to get stuck into the good stuff!

Our starter was a mixture of the three; the Pepper Tuna Salad served with local farm salad, peppers, tomatoes, red onions, eggs, olives and vinaigrette. The Chilito Salad is served aesthetically with pico de gallo, guacamole, kidney beans and tortilla chips to munch on.

Goats Cheese Salad is served in a glass cup and is a goat cheese ricotta, prosciutto ham and rock melon pickle. This is a unique taste combination that hasn’t been tried previously for us. The ham is cured and has a very strong taste that is captivating.

The soup dish is a Seafood Bisque that contains lobster and truffle. The only thing I didn’t like about this dish is that there wasn’t any more. We wanted more lobster and soup, in fact, Thuymi had some of mine 🙂

The main comes out and is a HUGE meat platter full of different meats for basically anyones meat preferences. The meats on the dish are the MS2 Ribeye with mushrooms, Free Range Organic Chicken with scrumptious and fresh local potatoes.  The locally farmed Sea Perch with semi-dried tomatoes have the most flavour. The tomatoes really set off this fish and make it my personal favourite on the platter. The right mix of sauce and cooked to perfection. The largest cut of meat is the Barbequed Iberico Pork Ribs and the mustard dip that it comes with really blends in well with the glaze. Not for those who don’t like getting sauce on your hands (or wear a white T-shirt) 

The desserts are out soon after the main meals are cleared and presented in a simple and scrumptious manner. The one we attack first is the Mille Feuille: a puff pastry, layered with Madagascar Vanilla Cream dish that reminded me of growing up and is my favourite. Any pastry/cream combo I am a sucker for 🙂 The Apple Croustillant is cinnamon served in a crumble and the Molten chocolate log cake is sectioned with vanilla Ice Cream and is both tasty. However, the Mille Feuille is by far the standout dish with the Madagascar cream really stealing the show. 

Christmas Tipples

There are also plenty of drinking options, no matter what your tastebuds enjoy.  A Berry Christmas is very similar to a beer but has a spice syrup twist to it. It is not overpowering and you still have the feeling that you are having a beer, with just a tad bit of Christmas cheer.

The Candy Rush is certainly a special Christmas special. With Peppermint vodka, Lemon, Cointreau, Prosecco and a Candy cane, this is great for a sweet tooth. The mint threw us off to start with and the lemon was strong. However, after a good mix and one mouthful, we can see why this is enjoyable.

Taste the Snow is a super simple drink but something I would never have previously considered adding together. With Gin, Heavy cream and THEN ice cream, I don’t know how but it is so easy to drink. You can very easily have 3-4 of these without touching the sides. 

My personal favourite is the Santas Mudslide. Devilishly sweet, the drink has Cognac, coffee liquor, Baileys Irish cream, heavy cream and chocolate shavings. This tasted more like a milkshake and was so easy and enjoyable to drink. I ordered more than one of these as they went down way too quickly.

For those looking for Christmas eats: It’s been a while since the word “buffet” is heard, Winestone introduces an a la carte buffet brunch on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day with favourites such as Boston lobster, snow crab, Hokkaido scallops, blue water prawns, fin de Claire oysters, and beef tenderloin. A chef’s carving station will be included with roasted baby lamb for Christmas Day and US prime rib of beef for New Year’s Day. 

Festive Cocktails by Dannon Har, Section D Bar

  • A Berry Christmas – wheat beer, spice syrup $20
  • Candy Rush – peppermint vodka, lemon, Cointreau, prosecco, candy cane $23
  • Taste the Snow – gin, heavy cream, vanilla ice cream $18
  • Santa’s Mudslide – cognac, coffee liquor, bailey’s Irish cream, heavy cream,
    chocolate shavings $28
  • Warm Hugs – dark rum, spiced syrup, butter, cinnamon $S20

Discover Local: Goat’s Milk by Winestone’s culinary team

  • Goat’s Cheese Salad – prosciutto, fresh goat’s milk ricotta, rock melon pickle $35
  • Cod with Goat’s Milk Espuma – cod, goat’s milk yoghurt, mint, olive oil $42
  • Vodka Goatini – vodka, goat’s milk, shaken and served $16

Christmas Wine Hampers by June Chen, Floral Mikelle

  • Elegant Blanc $140
    A rosé and white wine packed in a modern chic red bag paired with winter wonderland in tones of elegance – white, silver and gold. Free delivery included.
  • Merrily Rouge $270
    Six bottles of wine consisting of a sparkling, a rosé, two reds and two whites decked in blessings of red, green and brown, gifting features Christmas classics suited for a warm homely celebration. Free delivery included.

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