Meet the AdventureFaktory Family

AdventureFaktory, like the name states, is a factory of adventures. When Thuymi & Mitch created this project, it always have been a goal to create a community of like-minded individuals who want to inspire the new and older generation to get out of their comfort zone. Wether it is to move abroad or to simply travel more often, our goal is to keep the conversation relevant, informative, engaging, positive and fun.

Our voice is growing, we are global. We understand the importance of information and our mission with our team of contributors is to inspire you through information. Our collaborators are experts from around the world and will be delivering the latest in travel, health, wellness, fitness, active and luxury travel through videos, news, reviews, interviews, and first-hand experiential features. Now time to meet the full growing team of AdventureFaktory!


Hailing from a mining town in the remote Western Australian desert, Mitch grew up as a nomad and finally settled down on the other side of the Land Down Under, in Brisbane, Queensland. After playing semi professional Australian Football for most of his early 20’s, he has also obtained his degree in Secondary Education. He gave up playing and decided to expand his horizons by joining the international teaching circuit in 2011 to live in Shanghai, Saigon (HCM) and now based in Dubai, UAE.  Mitch is a big fan of all sports, including American sports like NBA, NFL, MLB. He also plays Rugby, Golf, Touch Football, Cricket and much more.

Thuymi from AdventureFaktory


Montrealer, proud Quebecquer from Canada wholoves playing sports like Volleyball, Ball hockey, Football, Touch Rugby, Tennis and much more! Besides sports, she is addicted to traveling & photography. She’s also a big fan of her Apple products, Technology, Fashion and so much more. She is a nomad, with 12 years+ experience in marketing & strategy for brands such as Microsoft, Heineken, Volkswagen, etc. Currently based in Dubai as the perfect travel hub, she will be anywhere in between Montreal, New York, Vietnam and all that!



French Canadian currently based in Toronto who loves the outdoor and being active. Traveling is Jessica’s addiction and it’s the only thing that makes her richer. She hasn’t been everywhere on the world yet, but it’s definitely on her list! Taking risks, adventures are the best ways to learn… more about her right here!



Canadian born, Moroccan background, German resident.. a true citizen of the world! James decided to move abroad the day he realized he could combine his two passions: Sports and Project Management. Travel has always been an important part of his life, but took it to a whole new level when he relocated to Europe. ‘Active Living’ is everything he is – whether it’s watching live sporting events, getting lost in nature or wandering around the urban jungle, James craves for adventure and there is no way to satiate his thirst!



Brazilian by origin, Dubai-kid by heart, turned journalist in California. Being the child of a pilot, traveling flows in her blood, as does music and a bit too much coffee. Thais’s life is a mix of fitness, sarcasm and a strange obsession with pugs and will travel anywhere just to try the country’s food. How about you learn more about her here?

Do you enjoy writing articles and traveling the world? AdventureFaktory are always looking for travellers to join their writing team and be part of the AdventureFaktory Family. We are currently one of the biggest traveling websites in the Middle East and are looking to expand our team!

Why Should you be a Global Ambassador for AdventureFaktory?

  • Being part of a lifestyle movement that is fast picking up pace globally
  • Contributing to an international reaching travel and lifestyle online magazine
  • Gaining exposure to thousands of readers of your stories
  • Create content for something you are passionate about
  • Have the opportunity to join amazing events and activations

What can you write about?

  • Destination review – providing all the vital information as if a first timer was going
  • City/Country/Event/Restaurant & Bars guides
  • Hotel reviews
  • Travel Tips – hidden places, photography spots
  • Travel Product reviews
  • Sporting Events around the world / Health and Wellness / Active Travel

How does the process work?

Simple! Send us an article of approximately 400-800 words on a travel topic of your choice. Along with it, make sure you tell us exactly who you are (name, age, etc), why you want to join and why you are the perfect to be part of the AdventureFaktory team.

 Please send an email to [email protected]