CouchSurfing: Our Jordan experience

AdventureFaktory Couchsurfing in Jordan

As you already know, we love to travel at any chance we get. However, not being uber-rich or inheritance babies, we need to fund our own travels. So it is important that we cut down costs when we can in order to get in as many quality holidays as we can.

One way we cut down our accommodation costs is by Couchsurfing. If you are unaware of the concept, you stay in accommodation (usually the couch) from whoever signs up to the Couchsurfing community. Using this, we have saved plenty of money that allows us to enjoy other aspects of the trip.

But what started as just a way of saving money, is more of a new way to experience a culture properly and meet new friends.

Our last journey in Jordan was greatly improved by having our new friend Ramzi hosting us. He showed us the local way of Jordanian Lifestyle, introduced us to his friends and brother, cool places to hang out, and even took us to do all the touristy things. These are experiences that we would have really struggled to do on our own.

Us trying Ramzi & Mohamed’s pimping blanket jackets since it was so cold haha

One thing with Couchsurfing is to not expect to have a host that will always hold your hand and bring you out. We were lucky enough Ramzi and his brother were in a “low period” with school and were able to bring us around town. Always make sure to be respectful to your host and read their profiles properly to know what they can offer and to get to know them a bit better before meeting them up!

Discovering The Boulevard in Amman with Ramzi, his brother and friends
Visiting the Roman Amphitheatre in Central Amman
Ramzi’s fav falafel joint close to his place! It was SO GOOD haha.

We were very happy of our first Couchsurfing experience in the Middle East. We have also made a cool contact in Turkmenistan after hosting for the very first time also in the region. We hope to go soon visit our new friend and see the marble cities and the Gateway to Hell.

What are you waiting for? Get on to Couchsurfing now to meet incredible people and give extra flavour to your travel experience! Have you Couchsurfed before? Where and how was it? Share your stories with us. If you are coming to Dubai, you might come across our profile, don’t hesitate to drop us a word.

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