Guide to Visa on Arrival for Laos

Laos Visa on Arrival Information

You are planning to go to Laos and still have no clarification on what you need for your visa? Here is all the information you need regarding visa on arrival for Laos.

Good news, as you can see on the photo we took below, 196 countries are admissible to the visa on arrival process in Laos. It is very quick and efficient.

Things you need to know about the Laos Visa on Arrival

1) You need a passport picture for the Laos Visa on Arrival

Ideally small passport will do. Although the form says 3×2, you will be fine with any. I’ve handed out a printed photo on normal paper 3×3 and she simple stapled it to the form and passed it over to the next person beside her in the visa procedure. Quite organized.

2) You will be handed a form in the plane

Fill it out, both arrival and departure card, you will need it when you meet the immigration officer. DO NOT lose the departure card, keep it safe.

3) Fill out a second form

You will get a second from to fill up once you arrive in the immigration hall. Make sure to keep your pen close to not waste time going through your carry-on again for it.

4) Get your Laos Visa on Arrival

With your photo, passport and newly filled form, queue up the Visa on Arrival line to give these to the staff. If you have everything correct, they will send you to the next counter where you will collect your passport and pay the fee corresponding to your nationality + 1$US of administration fee. Note that 196 countries are admissible to get visas on arrival and the costs are listed as below. Fun fact and random fact, the most expensive visa for Laos is 42$US for the Canadians, followed by 40$US for Afghanistan and Nepal.

Laos Visa on Arrival Information

5) You are all set for your Laos Entry!

Once you collect your passport with the new visa in it, you unfortunately have to line up again to go through the immigration officer. Normal procedures, they will take a photo of you and stamp your entry! They will also collect your arrival card and it will be your responsibility to carry the departure one until you leave the country!

Other Visa Information for Laos and FAQ

How many days can I stay in Laos

The length of stay is 30 days with a tourist visa. With a pre-arranged Visa on Arrival, you can stay up to 90 days.

Do I need to plan my Laos visa before I travel?

No. Unless your passport is not from any of the 196 ones on the picture above, well then you might need to get more informed. Visa on Arrival will available at the airports and main border crossings (see the visa on arrival list below). If you follow the steps we gave you above, you will be all fine! Just also make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months upon entering Laos… this is pretty much standard for any country you travel to though.

What is the cost of the Laos Visa?

As mentioned before, you can consult the price list but in general the visa on arrival for Laos varies from 20$US to 42$US. The cost will vary by nationalities and of course can also vary depending on where it is being issued. We believe border costs would also be different.  If you apply through the embassy or through a travel agent, you could pay up to 60$US.

What if I want to stay longer in Laos?

Extensions for your stay can be handled by the Vientiane Immigration Office. They will charge you 2$US per extra day you want to spend in the country. Note that travel agents can also arrange this for you to avoid hassle unfortunately we were not able to get a quote on this. If you are overstating, the penalty can be up to 10$US/day.

Where can I get Visa on Arrival for Laos?

Visas on Arrival for Laos seem easy, but this is as long you enter via the main ports of entry below that will accept such procedures:


– Luang Prabang International Airport
– Vientiane Wattay International Airport
– Pakse International Airport
– Savannakhet International Airport

Train station:

Thanaleng Railway Station (on arrival in Vientiane)


Laos – Vietnam border:
Sop Hun – Tay Trang (Muang Khua – Dien Bein Phu)
Banteui – Na Meo (route to/from Sam Neua)
NamCan – Nam Khan (route Phonsavan – Vinh)
Nam Phao – Cau Tre (route Lak Xao -Vinh)
Dansavanh – Lao Bao (route Savannakhet – Hue)
Laos – Thai border:
Vientiane – Nong Khai (Friendship Bridge, this is the most popular border crossing)
Huay Xai – Chiang Khong (Chiang Rai – Luang Prabang)
Tha Khaek – Nakhon Phanom
Savannakhet – Mukdahan (Friendship Bridge II)
Vang Tao – Chong Mek (Ubon Ratachathani – Pakse)
Laos – Chinese border:
Boten (Laos) – Mengla (Yunnan)
Laos – Cambodian border:
Voen Kham (close to Stung Treng)

This visa information has been last updated on March 2018

Visa Information on AdventureFaktory Disclaimer

We try our best to provide you with precise advice on visa regulations on this website. It is intended to be used as a guide and to make your research easier before travelling. Although, due to the complexity of visa requirements for all different countries and the frequent change in immigration policies, we do advice you to contact the embassy, consulate or travel agent to get to most updated information.


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