Dubai Guide Travel Preparation Guide for Women

Dubai Ladies' Guide for Travel Preparation

Planning for a holiday? Nothing is worse than realizing while on the road that your nails are chipping or running late for your hot air balloon at 5 am and your makeup is totally not done. Here is a list of things that as a lady, you should totally get prepared for before holiday of a week or more, so you still look fabulous without too much effort!

1) No need to apply Mascara anymore

Travelling with mascara can be painful. Reasons are infinite! It’s hot, it’s raining, you will tan, you will jump in the water, you will have a nap, etc. So many reasons to make you say to yourself in the morning “Oh, no mascara today”. So why not try out a LVL Lashes treatment? LVL Lash-Lift lasts for 6-8 weeks and are visible immediately after the treatment. It makes your lashes look thicker, longer and literally you don’t really need extra mascara unless you are having a night out and really want to look extra fab! I’ve done mine at Browz, located in the Mall (opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel). They offer bespoke treatments for flawless looking eyebrows, eyelashes, lips and other beauty treatments as well! You can also get them at The Doll House with Nouveau Lashes products. Cost will be around 300 AED+ (~80$US)

2) Stock up your Travel Makeup Kit

That moment you realize your make-up kit is NOT made for travel, I mean what are you waiting for to stack up everything you need and have it always ready for travel? Sephora is a great place for that and has all the travel size essentials you need.

The musts are:

  • Wet Wipes: you just want to wipe quickly that make up off and have a great quick clean! It’s also so convenient when you are too lazy to use the make-up remover.
  • Travel size make-up remover: You can’t survive without it if you don’t get wet wipes. Nothing worse than falling asleep with make up on. You want to make sure your skin stays fab while you travel with no pimples yeah?
  • Travel size face fix spray: THE LIFE. After applying your make up for the day, 2 sprays on the face and your make up will last way longer. You rarely think of retouching your make up when you travel, so this is such an essential!
  • Lip balm: So many people still don’t carry this… in daily life. You will need it even more when travelling! Change of weather, planes, etc, you will need to keep your lips fly! My favorite from Sephora is the Coconut one, just want to eat it!
  • Eye Shadow palette: Gotta have that palette with you if you like to apply eyeshadow. My favorite is the Tartre palette, also available at Sephora, which has all the basic colours I like to wear!
  • Travel Size Sunscreen: How can you NOT bring sunscreen? It’s essential to always apply, mostly on your face, when you know you will walk all day outside. Again, you don’t want any pimples or skin cancer right? Get Face & body, it’s so important to protect your skin as with time when you age, it is more likely to give you wrinkles. Nuxe is a great brand I tried over the summer and gotta say the smell is incredible and the tan oil makes you look like gold!
  • Eyeliner: If you wear eyeliner, don’t forget it! I panic when I run out or forget it even in daily life. So make sure you have one that will last your whole holiday! I’ve been using the Estee Lauder pen for ages, as it comes with a refill so it’s like buying two!
  • Make up bag: Of course, have to put these somewhere right? Like we said before, just get one that you always have ready for when you have travels, you can simply pack it quick in your luggage. This summer we used this wonderful one from Sephora, so colourful and quite big to add my extras in!

The extras

  • Face Masks: If you are travelling a bit longer than a week, maybe consider getting 2-3 face masks with you. Your face will enjoy this pampering session while you travel, believe me!
  • Coconut oil: We recommend it for your skin but also your hair. Get some Vita Coco or Skinny Oil (they sell less than 100ml bottles, or transfer it to a travel bottle that you can buy at Daiso or Muji).
  • Foreo Luna 2: Get this both for yourself but your man too. It is a facial scrub brush and anti-aging system, really cool gadget that is a must in my daily routine when washing my face!

3) Avoid drawing your brows

I don’t know for you, but I have NO BROWS! Well that’s what I thought. I used to just add a bit of eye shadow on the brows so they look a bit darker, but no time whatsoever when I travel to draw nice brows (don’t even know how, can you even relate? haha) So what I just tried is this treatment from the Nouveau Lashes ME team at The Doll House, and they basically tinted my brows and had a good wax. I’ve never seen my brows like this, I actually have brows! Basically what I mean is just go get your brows done, whatever type you have, because if you can avoid drawing them, this is what you really wish for when you travel

4) Stock up on “Instagramable” outfits

The struggle is real, you want to look fab on your photos. So make sure to shop in advance for some cute outfits. What I do is that I make sure to always have “THE” dress that I bring at all my travels. It’s timeless and looks fab in the photos. Other than that, I simply love stocking up on activewear that is colourful and quirky since it gives an extra personality to the photos. Check out my upcoming posts about Instagramable Activewear Collections You Need to Pack for your next trip.

This Top is from Deborah Henning, so in love with this designer!

5) Get your nails done

The last or not least, THE NAILS. I remember those days I carried my black nail lacquer because I could just repaint them when they go longer, haha, so ghetto literally. What I did for the first time of the year, is to try Gel Nails. To be honest, it was fabulous to not do my nails for a month. My nails get long quite fast, it wasn’t cool to see the grow, but it was still clean, if you know what I mean. It wasn’t chipping and trashy. The only inconvenience is that for some type of nails, gel really isn’t great as it destroys your nails. Make sure to try it and see if you can handle it! Had mine done at The Nail Spa, they are so many around town, so it was quite convenient to get them done! The ladies are sweethearts and loooove the massage they give you at the end, go check them out!


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